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Data Centers

The World Depends on Data

Data Centers

Ensuring 99.999% Availability


In the world of data, redundancy is everything. Equipment must be redundant, from servers to network lines, to ensure that connections never go down. Yet, despite the best efforts of data centers, outages do happen. Even Google, one of the world’s largest data center operators, has experienced glitches.


With HIPOWER SYSTEMS data centers backup generators in place, data centers will have the reassurance of knowing that their power supplies are guaranteed. They can focus on the many other dangers, from cybercriminals to server or wiring harness meltdowns, that can impact a data center’s continuity.


How do we know this? HIPOWER SYSTEMS technology is in some of the world’s most reliable data centers. These are backbone centers where outages are not an acceptable option. Where 99.999% availability is just a starting point. Even during an extreme weather event, these data centers must stay online. With HIPOWER SYSTEMS backup generators, data centers know that their power supply will never cause a problem.


Data Center Generator By Hipower Systems

Data Center Backup Power Generators for Power That Matters

Data center equipment needs to be running at peak performance 24/7 to ensure data redundancy. When your data center goes down, everything else is affected. These days, the world depends on data, which is why a reliable power supply is required to ensure that the data your business needs or provides is flowing round-the-clock. With data center backup power generators, you don't have to worry about power outages anymore. You are assured that all of the equipment in the data center will still be operational even when the power goes out.

With backup power in place, you have one less thing to worry about. It's a given fact that maintaining a data center requires skilled manpower to check and maintain all areas of the network infrastructure to prevent glitches, and ultimately prevent losses. Now you can focus on keeping the infrastructure stable, from data servers to end-users, because emergency power is being handled by your backup power generators.

Data Center Generator Selection

Our current backup power generator product line for data centers runs on direct injection diesel engines. Designed to last long, clients are assured that they can make good use of these generators for years to come. This means, you don't have to worry about the generator giving up on you at a crucial time – just when you need it to keep your data center running.

Our generators have different power supply outputs depending on your need, and they come in various weights and sizes. We invite you to check out our product pages to learn more about our data center backup power generators.

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