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The CEM7 Controller is a monitoring system for the generator's electrical signal which also manages the genset's engine control.

The visualization module provides information about the status of the device, and at the same time, allows the user to interact with it. This module allows the user to control, program and configure the functions of the unit. The visualization module allows the checking of the last 10 failures registered in the control unit (fault history).

The measurements module controls and monitors the control board. It is located in the rear part of the panel, in order to reduce the wiring and to avoid electromagnetic disturbances. Every signal, sensor and actuator is connected to this module. The measurements module provides the following readings of the electric mains supply:

•  Phase to neutral voltage

•  Phase to phase voltage

•  Phase amperage

•  Frequency

•  Real, apparent and reactive powers

•  Power factor and cos phi

•  Instant power (KwH) and historical power (day, month, year) of the genset (with option programming timer)

The CEM7 can be started in manual or automatic mode. In manual mode, the user operates the controller using the front panel of the visualization module. The engine is manually started and stopped using the start and stop buttons. In automatic mode, the CEM7 constantly controls the Gen-set operation. In some situations, that can be programmed to supply power, the controller starts the generator set activating the gen-set contactor.

Programmable operational modes to start the Gen-Set:

•  External start

•  Start controlled by timer

•  Forced start

•  EJP Rate change notice

•  Engine test

•  Controlled by the transfer switch control board

The CEM7 device has a four digit password level that protects from unauthorized access



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