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HIPOWER SYSTEMS has partnered with Altronic LLC to incorporate the GTI Bi-Fuel System into HIPOWER Diesel Generators ranging from 150 kw to 3MW.


The HIPOWER Bi-Fuel Systems can be used in the Standby Generators range as well as the Prime Power & Rental applications. BI-FUEL SYSTEMS capitalize on revolutionary technology that enables diesel engines to run on a gas/diesel mixture where natural (methane-based) gas accounts for up to 70% of the total fuel requirement. This solution substantially reduces operating costs and lowers emissions forengine owners, reducing diesel fuel purchase requirements by up to 50%.





The GTI BI-FUEL® System is an innovative technology that enables operators of heavy-duty diesel engines to substantially reduce operation costs and lower emissions by substituting diesel fuel with lower cost, cleaner-burning natural gas. The BI-FUEL® System is comprised of patented technologies that allow engines to safely operate on gas percentages up to a maximum of 70% of the total fuel requirement.


Engines converted to GTI Bi-Fuel® exhibit diesel-like performance in such critical areas as efficiency, stability and load acceptance. A key feature of the BI-FUEL® System is its ability to switch fuel modes without interruption in engine power output. The engine can be switched between diesel and gas automatically while maintaining speed and load. This feature gives the user the flexibility to choose between gas and diesel modes as dictated by fuel pricing, fuel availability or other operational considerations. 


An equally important feature of the BI-FUEL® System is its ability to maintain engine power levels while operating in gas mode between the “continuous”and “prime” ratings of the engine.



The HIPOWER Bi-Fuel Systems can be used in Prime Power & Rental applications.




Bi-fuel Generator


And Standby Power Systems.
GTI Altronic Bi-fuel generator



Typically, gas is introduced downstream of the engine air cleaner and upstream of the turbocharger. The gas is supplied at approximately atmospheric pressure using a proprietary air-fuel mixer that allows for a high level of gas mixing with the least possible air restriction. The air-gas mixture is compressed in the turbocharger and distributed to each cylinder by the engine air-intake manifold. The lean air-gas mixture is compressed during the compression stroke of the piston and ignited by the diesel injector. Since the air-gas mixture is maintained in a lean condition, pre-ignition does not occur. 


Flow of gas to the engine is load dependent and varies with combustion airflow changes. The BI-FUEL® System varies gas flow according to changes in engine vacuum level. This allows it to respond to engine fuel requirements while maintaining the integrity of the OEM governing system. The standard Bi- Fuel® System incorporates a manually-adjustable Power Valve to control the gas substitution rate. Diesel injection is controlled by the OEM governing system during both gas and diesel modes.



GTI Altronic bi-fuel kit from Hipower Systems


The Altronic DE-based BIFUEL® Controller monitors various engine and system parameters such as manifold air pressure and temperature, exhaust gas temperature, intake vacuum, gas pressure and engine vibration. This information allows the controller to determine when to activate or deactivate bi-fuel operation depending on engine performance, load level, ambient temperature, knock limits or gas supply pressure levels. The controller can communicate with remote engine monitoring systems via RS-232/ RS-485 connection (ASCII or MODBUS protocol). Engine performance during BI-FUEL® operation is on par with normal diesel levels. Heat rejection levels to the exhaust and water jacket systems are kept within normal operating parameters. Engine response to load variation is typically equal to—or better than—100% diesel performance due to the unique design of the BI-FUEL® Systems and the associated combustion characteristics of the air-gas mixture. Similarly, engine load acceptance (for large block loads) meets or exceeds straight diesel performance.
Bi-fuel power system from Hipower Systems
Cost Savings

Cost Savings.


Displacing a percentage of diesel fuel withmethane-based gas provides an immediate economic benefit based on the cost difference between the fuels and the amount of run time of the genset. In high usage gensets, the GTI system can pay for itself in a short period of time.


Increased Run Time.


Reducing the amount of diesel fuel usedextends the run time in proportion to thesubstitution rate. This provides extra hours of operation for critical applications during extended power outages.


Reduced Liquid Fuel Storage.


As environmental concerns about liquid fuel storage increases pressure on operators, using the HIPOWER GTI BI-FUEL® System offers some relief by reducing the volume of above-ground diesel fuel storage.


Simplified Logistics.


The frequency of refueling is reduced, thereby lessening the costs—and risks— associated with hauling diesel fuel, especially to locations that make such logistics awkward.


Flare Gas Reduction.


Around the world, governments and environmental concerns are increasing pressure to reduce the flaring of unwanted gases into the atmosphere. The HIPOWER GTI-BI-FUEL® system allows these waste gases to be used as fuel for the generation of electrical power.


Flexible Fuel Rates.


Many gas suppliers offer discounted rates to customers who can tolerate supply interruptions in times of high demand/inadequate supply. HIPOWER GTI BI-FUEL® offers this kind of flexibility since the genset can operate on 100% diesel at any time.


Engine Performance.


As shown below, conversion to GTI Bi-Fuel typically results in similar performance levels in terms of engine stability, response and block load capability: