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Type SJOOW-Portable-Cord-300V

Portable Cord -50˚C +105˚C UL CSA
Extra Hard Usage - High Grade Mechanical Service



UL 62, CSA-C 22.2 No 49

  • Conductors: Flexible strand bare copper, ASTM B-174 and UL 62.
  • Separator:    Paper tape between conductor and insulation.
  • Insulation:    EPR 90ºC compound class 3 table 8 UL 62.
  • Assembly:    Insulated conductors cabled together: integral filled jacket.
  • Separator:    Talc for 18-10 AWG.
  • Jacket:         Black CPE compound class, 90˚C + class 1.4, table 11, UL 62 integral fill.
  • Color code:  ICEA S-58-679, Method 1, table 1, black, white, green.



  • Excellent flexibility in cold temperatures, resistance to oils, acids, chemicals, solvents, ozone, weather and water
  • Flame test meets VW-1, FT2, MSHA
  • Temperature range: -50°C to +105° C
  • For Indoor and outdoor use
  • NEC Article 700 permitted use for specific applications.
  • NFPA 70 permitted use in Hazardous Locations Classes I, II, III,
  • Divisions 1 & 2 as outlined in Articles 501, 502, 503 section 140

Industrial and processing equipment, cranes and hoists, track systems, tools, construction equipment, motors and associated machinery, garage portable lights, battery charger and equipment exposed to oils, solvents, flame, moisture and other electrical equipment.

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