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Type MP-GC-8000V-15000V-EPR-CPE

Mine Power Feeder Cable Extra Heavy Duty EPR / CPE 90˚C MSHA Mining Grade


ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC58, ASTM B 8


  • Conductor: Bare copper, concentric strand ASTM B 8.
  • Conductor shield: Semi-conducting tape and compound, ICEA S-75-381 sec 3.14.
  • Insulation: Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR), ICEA S-75-381, table 4-3/4-4.
  • Insulation shield: Semi-conducting compound, ICEA S-75-381 and 0.005 copper tape.
  • Grounding cond: Tin copper Class B, ICEA S-75-381, table 4-1.
  • Ground check: Bare copper, ICEA S-75-381 table 4-1; insulation color: yellow.
  • Assembly: Three power conductor, ground check and two non-insulated grounding conductors cabled with rubber fillers to make a round core; Single faced rubber filled binder tape applied overall.
  • Jacket: Black extra heavy duty CPE thermoset compound, ICEA S-75-381, table 3-3, 3-22, sec. 3.21.
  • Color code: Color code tape: black, white, red applied under metallic shielding tape provides circuit identification, ICEA S-75-381 sec 4.


  • Ozone, sun, weather and flame resistant.
  • Oil and heat resistant.
  • Maximum continuous conductor temperature 90°C.
  • Indent printed for easy identification.
  • For use up to 8000 volts when installed in ducts, conduits, open air and for direct burial in wet and dry locations.
  • For semi-permanent and permanent installations in tunnels, shafts and bore holes.
  • Other industrial and mining applications requiring shielding.

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