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Portable Power Distribution

Every piece of power distribution equipment and cabling we offer combines innovation and excellence with enhanced features to provide superior power efficiency and versatility.

Portable Power Distribution

Value without Compromise


Extensive experience providing power solutions on a global scale has enabled us to master the complexities of power distribution technology. At every turn, we gather innovative ideas, identify premium components and make advanced engineering decisions to provide our customers with best-in-class performance and durability under the most demanding conditions.

The breadth of our offering makes us a one-stop resource for power distribution panels, boxes, cables and assemblies, all of which are compliant with or certified to the highest industry standards including UL, CSA, NEMA, NEC, OSHA, ASTM, MSHA, ROHS, ICEA and IEC, as applicable. From alternative energy to petroleum and mining; aerospace and military to telecommunications and transit, HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ power distribution equipment offers unparalleled quality and ingenuity, around the clock.

To learn more about the features and characteristics of our power distribution equipment, we invite you to download our Power Distribution brochure, review the equipment summaries below or visit individual model pages on this site. To have one of our specialists develop a custom recommendation for your company or customer, please submit a contact request form or call 866-710-2988, toll-free.

Industrial Transformers


Whether you need to step-down, step-up or isolate an incoming power feed, our portable, NEMA 3R, dry-type transformers withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Available from 15-500Kva, they incorporate ruggedized, stainless steel protective cages and are delivered on a rolling dolly (15 Kva dolly-type) or forklift-ready, rolling skids (all other models).  Other sizes available upon request.

Industrial Panels


These UL1640 and CSA 22.14 listed panels range from 50-200A, including one of the industry’s only 10-position panels. Fully corrosion-resistant, our aluminum power panels can be custom-configured with a variety of breakers and connections. Most incorporate stainless steel cages that protect but do not interfere with ease of use. Other sizes available upon request.

I-line Panels


Our portable, UL1640 and CSA 22.14 listed I-line panels solve many of the challenges facing power customers today. All feature corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosures and stainless steel or carbon steel protective cages. A versatile breaker engagement system is capable of feeding large or small motor loads, and panels accommodate breakers from 15-1200A, all of which can be safely removed, even under load. Other sizes available upon request.

Entertainment-Grade Rubber Panels  


Although not detailed on the HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ site, HIPOWER SYSTEMS also stocks a full range of specialty and temporary power distribution systems, including industry-leading Quad Box Stringers, from 20A to 400A. Encased in heavy-duty, molded rubber, panels are fully insulated, resistant to shock, impact, corrosion and weather and are designed to be compact and lightweight for portability. 

Generator Connection Cabinets


These dedicated devices allow facilities to connect a pullable or towable generator to a building’s automatic transfer switch, providing backup power in minutes without the need for an electrician or spools and spools of cable.

Cables and Accessories


HIPOWER SYSTEMS stocks an extensive line of power distribution cables and accessories, all of which have been rigorously tested for their intended purpose. A variety of sheathing colors and options are available, as well. 

Our power distribution products are found in industrial applications; chemical plants, refineries, power plants, telecommunications, shipyards, food processing facilities; other emergency services such as entertainment, conventions, restoration, construction, agriculture, military living quarters and/or man camps. 

Enclosure Models, Options and Versions


Enclosures can be ordered in carbon steel, aluminum, rubber, poly-carbon or stainless steel. Standard power coat finish on metallic panels but not limited to hot galvanized dipping and other type of plating upon request. Units are Nema 3R and/or Nema 4X, UL50, ideal for use in damp locations. A wide selection of standard panels are ready to ship so that you do not miss out on any critical event.

Standard 50A Boxes  


Choose from three standard 50A Distribution Boxes. Enclosures are rated for indoor/ outdoor use, Nema 3R designed for industrial and harsh environments. The 50A 125/250V California Style Twist-Lock can connect to any portable generator direct or via primary distribution panel. You can find only the best internal components in these products and the satisfaction back by a team of electrical & mechanical engineers dedicated to provide you with live support. Each individual 20A 125V GFCI duplex receptacle is protected by a separate 20A 1P branch circuit breaker. The Nema 5-20R GFCI Duplex receptacle ideal for use in damp locations. Ask us about our in-use WR covers.

industrial panels  


HIPOWER is your one stop source for all your Power Distribution needs. Equipment is UL & UL/C listed. Enclosures are designed for harsh environment and outdoor applications, available in a NEMA 1 rating for indoor and NEMA 3R. Made out of premium corrosion resistant metal that range from heavy gauge Aluminum to Stainless Steel. Power distribution centers and components distribute and deliver the power used in large construction sites, plant maintenance, building complexes, utilities, sports centers and anywhere else temporary power is required including your home.

Entertainment rubber panels  


We stock a full range of Temporary Power Distribution  Systems from 20A to 400A. These products are durable, safe, long lasting and deliver power where and when it is needed. Heavy duty molded rubber enclosures are fully insulated, resistant to shock, impact, corrosion and weather. Extremely compact for convenient portability.

UL 1640 listed and meet NEC requirements for properly rated branch circuit protection when downsizing cable. This light weight equipment is perfect for the entertainment industry, where it can blend in very slick with dark back ground. Our line of Quad Box Stringers are built from experts in power distribution, using their 20 years of knowledge and todays high end components, we supply our customers the best of all.

Portable transformers


HIPOWER Portable Power Transformers are commonly placed in projects/ job sites where an existing permanent voltage (600VAC or 480VAC) needs to be reduced "stepped down" to (120VAC, 125/250VAC or 120/208VAC) and conveniently electrical power to various construction and maintenance power requirements.

Models are available in any voltage configuration (Wye "Y" or Delta) primary or secondary and can be assembled with Camloks devices and customer's choice of NEMA output receptacle. Low voltage dry type transformers range in size from 15KVA up to 500KVA. Other sizes are also available upon request.

Portable Power Supply & Distribution Units

The mere acquisition of a portable power supply will not guarantee optimum power efficiency for commercial and industrial enterprises. Achieving this objective requires selecting electrical power distribution equipment matched to the portable power source. While a portable power supply can ensure round-the-clock operations, it doesn't address how well or how efficiently the generated power is used.

In certain industries, cyclical or seasonal consumption of power may be required, increasing the need for managing power when the demand is at its peak. Without power distribution equipment to manage the availability of power, machines and systems, businesses could face dire consequences. For instance, a reliable power transformer is required not only to step down the supply voltage to a suitable level, but also to isolate the end user from the supply voltage for safety purposes.

Enterprises expect the limited power supplied by generators to suffice for a multitude of requirements, from basic power needs such as lighting offices to more complex functions such as powering server rooms. However, such a task has become increasingly challenging due to industry-specific needs. What might work for one organization might not work for another. The environment, power load, voltage and electrical outlets, among other factors, are just a few of the considerations for selecting the right equipment.

At HIPOWER SYSTEMS, we don't just provide portable power supply units. We, supply power distribution solutions for managing power in any context and application, whether residential, commercial or industrial. We believe that portable power systems are only half as efficient and half as reliable without the right power transformer, power distribution panel or box in place, which is why we strive to design and produce only the best products in the industry.

If you have inquiries or need assistance with technical information, please download our Power Distribution Brochure, submit a contact request or call 913-495-5557 or call us toll-free at 866-710-2988.