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07/28/2015 | HIPOWER SYSTEMS Debuts New Hybrid Generator to "Keep the Power On" at Facilities Powered by 48VDC Battery Systems

HPS DCV Hybrid GeneratorHIPOWER SYSTEMS, a manufacturer of power generation and power distribution equipment in the U.S. and Canada, today announced it has developed and will be producing a line of ultra-rugged, low-maintenance hybrid generators designed specifically to maintain full charge and power continuity for 48vdc battery systems. HPS DCV Hybrid Generators will provide efficient, reliable 48vdc power for these battery systems, which are used in telecommunications towers, wind and solar farms, rural homes and businesses, and other remote facilities.

“Remote operations and off-grid communities are becoming more commonplace—and important to the populations they serve,” said HIPOWER SYSTEMS President Rafael Acosta. “With the HPS DCV generator, these locations gain 100% assurance of power continuity for their 48vdc battery systems.”

Available in 1500W or 3000W models, the HPS DCV features a Yanmar diesel engine with a 1000-hour maintenance interval. It is available with or without a battery storage compartment, and the battery systems (lead acid or lithium cell) can be included, as well.

Enhanced monitoring of the engine’s RPM and electronic voltage regulator (AVR), independent monitoring of the 48vdc battery, charge and temperature, and remote telematics (with operator status updates including fuel review) enable automation of all systems for optimal operation. The generator can connect directly to solar and wind power feeds, and its alternator can charge through the 48vdc battery.

Other benefits of HPS DCV generators include:

Inside HPS DCV GeneratorExtreme Conditions Protection

  • Excluder grill keeps vermin out.
  • Specially treated canopy metal reduces ice and cold damage.
  • Sand traps protect engine compartment.
  • Vandal-proof screws prevent vandalism and theft.
  • White exterior protects against excessive heat gain.

Integrated, Dual-Mode Management

  • Centralized electronic control of the engine, alternator, battery and renewable energy connections.
  • Automatic, optimized operation based on factory presets.
  • Manual option to customize parameters, including batteries, generator set, renewable energy and performance.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS Support Structure

  • Fast and efficient technical service through a support network across the entire market.
  • Guaranteed, ongoing service for new-purchased equipment through our extensive technical support and approved distributors and technicians network.
  • In-house technical experts provide answers and information throughout the equipment’s lifecycle.
  • Spare parts distribution system supplies original and replacement spares for generator.

“HIPOWER SYSTEMS has gained a reputation for staying at the leading edge of generator design and manufacturing, and our new HPS DCV generators are no exception,” said Acosta. “We saw a growing need for a generator that would keep 48vdc battery systems charged, without the need for 100% continuity of other power sources. We look forward to previewing these new gensets at a HIPOWER SYSTEMS event in the near future.”

HIPOWER SYSTEMS (a division of Himoinsa, S.L.; a member of the YANMAR Co. Ltd group of companies) is the principal supplier of power distribution and prime, standalone power-generation equipment and packages to the U.S. and Canadian markets, serving the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors including the Agriculture, Telecommunications, Health Care and Oil & Gas Industries. The company builds and customizes backup generators, diesel generators, natural gas generators and alternative bi-fuel generator sets from 8kW to 3MW with a complete range of accessories, including automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, UL tanks, enclosures and power distribution equipment.

In North America and throughout the globe, our rental packages and power distribution equipment are recognized as the best power solution source for emergency and disaster relief. For more information, visit http://www.hipowersystems.com