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02/05/2014 | HIPOWER SYSTEMS Personnel Completes Training for the MTU S1600 and MTU S2000 Engines.

Lenexa, KS (February 5, 2014)—HIPOWER SYSTEMS, a manufacturer of power-generation and power distribution equipment in the U.S. and Canada, today announced that key HIPOWER SYSTEMS personnel, as well as representatives of Simson Maxwell, the HIPOWER SYSTEMS distributor for Western Canada, have completed an intensive training and certification program at the MTU Training Center in Canton, Michigan. The training program imparts a detailed knowledge of the design and function of the MTU S1600 and S2000 engines as well as the ADEC electronic systems. The training also prepares attendees to perform maintenance tasks, use the MTU diagnostic software DiaSys, identify and rectify minor faults and more.


“As part of its commitment to excellence, HIPOWER SYSTEMS has key personnel become trained and certified on the engines we use in our generators, including their operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and fault correction,” said HIPOWER SYSTEMS Director of Product Support Darryl Rider, one of the MTU program’s attendees. “It is important to our quality initiatives―and our customers―that we have a high level of competency about the products we sell and service. We are excited that Simson Maxwell, a trusted HIPOWER SYSTEMS distributor, could be on board for the training, as well. We hope to provide future opportunities to other business partners as opportunities are available.”


  • The curriculum for the training covered a broad array of topics, including:
  • Documentation, including the operations manual and tools catalog.
  • The design and function of the engines and a general description of their components and functions.
  • Engine systems, fluid specifications and test protocols.
  • Engine preservation and de-preservation tasks.
  • Troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.
  • The electronic equipment and its function.
  • The system structure, design and operations.
  • Documentation for the electronic system, including wiring diagrams and sensor harness diagrams, with an explanation of sensor locations and functions.
  • An introduction to the MTU diagnostic software, DiaSys, including data recording and evaluation, failure code handling and basic troubleshooting.
  • Hands-on maintenance tasks and troubleshooting.


“With this training, our personnel will be able not only to more effectively represent MTU and uphold its best practices but also to train other HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ personnel and customers how to use and care for the engines properly,” said Rider. “Product support is paramount to HIPOWER SYSTEMS, and that dedication extends to all aspects of the products we provide for them.”


About HIPOWER SYSTEMS HIPOWER SYSTEMS (a division of Himoinsa, S.L.) is the principal supplier of power distribution and prime, standalone power-generation equipment and packages to the U.S. and Canadian markets, serving the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors including the Agriculture, Telecommunications, Health Care and Oil & Gas Industries. The company builds and customizes diesel generators from 8kw to 3MW and natural gas oralternative fuel/bi-fuel sets from 20 to 400kW with a complete range of accessories, including automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, UL tanks, enclosures and power distribution equipment.


In North America and throughout the globe, our rental packages and power distribution equipment are recognized as the best power solution source for emergency and disaster relief. For more information, visit http://www.hipowersystems.com.