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12/13/2013 | Purity Oil Field Services Selects HIPOWER SYSTEMS to Expand RentalFleet; Purchases 25 Generators for Their Reliability in Sub-Zero Temp.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS, a manufacturer of power-generation and power distribution equipment in the U.S. and Canada, today announced it has delivered 25 trailer-mounted, portable Tier 3 generators to Purity Oil Field Services. The units, which are destined for the North Dakota oil fields, offer the superior performance Purity sought in selecting units for the area's extreme environmental conditions.



“We had purchased generators from another manufacturer, but when we got to cold weather, they dropped liked flies and we had our guys running across the country on service calls," said Purity Oil Field Services President Marshall T. Hunt. "HIPOWER supplied us with equipment customized with a cold package, making it more suitable for North Dakota where temperatures are sub-zero, six-seven months out of the year. A lot of this equipment is in remote areas. We need to know that we can leave it and drive 100 miles away and trust that it is reliable to operate."



"Cold package" refers to a specific configuration that HIPOWER offers, and that is unusual in its industry today. Whereas most generator functions are now mostly—if not completely—computerized, HIPOWER uses either electric or hydraulic radiator shutters, which reduce or eliminate either overcooling or overheating. With the electrical variation—the one chosen by Purity—shutters open and close in response to drops thermostat temperature, preventing freezing air from entering the engine when temperatures are cool enough to keep the

engine operating without additional airflow.


"With HIPOWER, even in fair weather conditions, we knew we had a better product—and better customer service,” said Purity Oilfield Services Service Supervisor Jesse Atwell, Sr. “The way the units are enclosed and insulated, I feel very comfortable moving into winter with them."


When negotiating the purchase, Purity also expressed a preference for Tier 3 portable generators, which burn less fuel and require less maintenance than the Tier 4 units that will soon be mandated under the newest and most stringent NESHAP (National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants) requirements. HIPOWER was able to supply those units.


"A growing number of our customers are Oil Field Services providers renting generators to customers for whom power-generation is mission critical," said HIPOWER SYSTEMS President Rafael Acosta. "They rely on us to provide quality units that can operate at peak performance, no matter what the environmental conditions might be."


About Purity Oil Field Services, LLC


Purity Oilfield Services, LLC is a privately owned oilfield service company with operations in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Texas. Purity was founded on the principal of providing quality equipment and services to oil and gas companies seeking to find reliable oilfield services. Purity strives to provide the best service and attention to detail for its clients. For more information, visit www.purityoilfieldservices.com.




HIPOWER SYSTEMS (a division of Himoinsa, S.L.) is the principal supplier of power distribution and prime, standalone power-generation equipment and packages to the U.S. and Canadian markets, serving the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors including the Agriculture, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Oil & Gas Industries. The company builds and customizes diesel generators from 8kw to 3MW and natural gas or alternative fuel/bi-fuel sets from 20 to 400kW with a complete range of accessories, including automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, UL tanks, enclosures and power distribution equipment.

In North America and throughout the globe, our rental packages and power distribution equipment are recognized as the best power solution source for emergency and disaster relief. For more information, visit