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09/17/2014 | The Importance of Equipment and Systems Training

Hipower Equipment TrainingWhether you are a power equipment distributor, reseller or end customer, there are few aspects of your acquisitions that are more important than proper training. HIPOWER SYSTEMS, in conjunction with key component partners, develops extensive training programs designed to ensure that every purchaser of HIPOWER SYSTEMS diesel generators or natural gas generators—whether for primary use or resale—has access to the knowledge it needs about the functions, features and use/service/maintenance considerations of both our generators and their internal systems. In doing so, we ensure our customers enjoy maximum longevity and ROI from their generators, and we foster the excellent customer service we consider paramount to our success.

Our training programs for generators—whether diesel or natural gas generators; prime power or backup generators—are multi-day efforts where attendees learn about the generator and its engine, drivetrain and other systems, conducted by representatives of trained HIPOWER SYSTEMS technicians—often with the on-site assistance of the generator’s engine manufacturer. These sessions also include a hands-on demonstration of the actual generator, engine and software.
Some of the topics we cover—and that we recommend purchaser of any generators request in any training programs they undertake, include:


  • Training Hipower Systems EquipmentAn overview of the generator set and its functions and features.
  • A detailed technical explanation about the fit, form and function of the various engine components and fuel delivery system;
  • An introduction to any electronic control software the engine features.
  • A session on application-specific considerations related to utilizing these engines. (In the case of oil fields applications, this should include a discussion of considerations for use of well-head gas for fuel, should this be an anticipated fuel source).

If you have purchased generators elsewhere and not received this type of in-depth training, you are short-changing yourself and may be reducing the life of your equipment. To learn more about what to expect from a truly professional training program, fill out our contact form or give us a call.



Hipower portable diesel generator training



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