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10/23/2014 | Conventions Draw Benefits from More Effective, Flexible Power Distribution

Portabel Power Panel

With North American economies continuing their measured rebounds, the events industry is seeing increased activity and revenue. Per the 2014 forecasts from both Carlson Wagonlit Travel and American Express Meetings & Events, costs for rooms, event space and food and beverage are all expected to continue trending upward.

However, these increases are not being met with enthusiasm by meeting and event planners who, the surveys indicate, respond by asking their facilities to do more, with less. For convention centers and event planners/staging companies, that often means being forced to set-up and tear-down on a faster time schedule, or to be more inventive with space in the quest to increase capacity. It also means that major events—usually those considered too big to micro-manage for greatest efficiency—are coming under pressure, as well.

We have seen evidence of this trend at HIPOWER SYSTEMS, with an uptick in interest from customers in our portable power distribution products, which enable companies to move capacious power distribution panels around easily, enabling greater flexibility of power distribution and configuration in a shorter timeframe.

Specifically, although our 6P Panel remains very popular, over the past year, we had received requests from customers to provide them with an 8P Panel. We responded by giving them more than they asked—last month, we debuted a 10P Portable Power Panel.

Why is this significant, in the context of a shifting landscape for event and convention staging requirements? The 6P Panel and 10P Panels are both 200A boxes, so they provide the same amount of total capacity to users. The key difference is in how customers can distribute that power—and also in the advanced portability of the 10P panel (another frequently requested feature).

In other words, our customers—specifically those in the events and entertainment industries—don't necessarily need more power for larger events. They need to be able to do more with the amps they already use.

Of course, a portable power supply of this size and rating is valuable in a variety of scenarios, from temporary power distribution in industrial plant shutdowns, job trailers and man-camps to construction sites, shipyards, and even industrial and military base camps. Nevertheless, it was our friends in events and entertainment that spurred us to provide them with such a broad array of options in what most industrial users would consider a "low" amperage box.

How do you use your portable power systems, and which ones do you use? Do you rely heavily on power transformers, or is distribution your primary requirement? We'd love to hear from you—and get your take on what solutions we should be working on, next! To share your opinion, fill out our online contact form or visit our web site to connect with us on a variety of social and online networking platforms (click Connect with Us on our home page menu).



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