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03/23/2015 | Portable Natural Gas Generators for Environmentally Sensitive Areas

When it comes to the use of generators and portable generator sets, it is industry practice for these to comply with different environmental and regulatory control policies. However, when it comes to Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs), there are more stringent requirements that must be met. Portable natural gas generators from HIPOWER SYSTEMS are guaranteed to meet and exceed these criteria, ensuring these areas' high ecological value remains intact.

ESAs are defined as locations that possess rare and important natural features and ecological functions that must be protected for the long-term benefit of ecosystems, individuals, and their respective communities. Examples of these would be seascapes such as rivers and reservoirs, national parks and landscapes like public and private forests and woodlands, archeological sites, historic properties, and areas that serve as a habitat for threatened and endangered wildlife. The main purpose of ESA codes is to limit human alterations and disturbances by way of pollution prevention, waste minimization, and best management practices. For this reason, natural gas generators are better suited for such purposes.

Compared with their portable diesel counterparts, portable natural gas generators are more sustainable. This is because natural gas generators are designed as environmentally responsive energy systems that produce fewer emissions and lower levels of noise pollution. Natural gas generators are also more energy efficient, and features cleaner burning of fuels. In addition to these benefits, propane and natural gas may be stored safely for long periods of time, making them ideal for ESAs and nearby areas because of the low contamination risk to water, soils, and the like.

At HIPOWER SYSTEMS, all our portable natural gas generators are in compliance with NEC, MSHA, OSHA standards, and NESHAP-regulated emissions for a variety of tier levels (Tier 2 - Tier 4i).

For inquiries or customer assistance regarding our natural gas generators, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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