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03/23/2015 | Prevent Power Failures from Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are relied on to provide backup power during times of emergencies, disasters, and power outages. However, diesel generators may fail to start if not properly maintained and regularly serviced. Some of the common reasons for this include:

Fuel Contamination and Degradation

Fuel can be contaminated with water, sludge, or asphaltenes found in crude oil. This is because diesel can decay over time and consequently cause problems such as clogging and corrosion in fuel lines, filters, injectors, and other parts of the engine.

Battery Failure

Dead or weak starting batteries are caused by the buildup of lead sulfate on the plates of batteries. It may also be due to dirty and loose wires and cables. It is advised that batteries are replaced every three years to prevent generator failure.

Low Coolant Levels

Any leaks or drips should be addressed as these cause low coolant levels. Along the same lines, any damaged or broken hoses should be repaired or replaced to avoid compromised coolant systems.

Lax Maintenance

Human error is arguably the most common reason for generator failures, whether controls aren't programmed to be automatic or there is no more fuel left in the tank. This is because with proper maintenance and regular checkups, other reasons for generator failures may be averted.

Ensure your diesel generators are reliable by accomplishing the following periodic maintenance tasks:

Daily Inspections. Check coolant heater, coolant level, oil level, fuel level, and charge-air piping.

Weekly Inspections. Check air cleaner and battery charger. Drain fuel filter and water from fuel tank.

Monthly Inspections. Check coolant concentration, drive belt tension, and starting batteries. Drain exhaust condensate.

Every Six Months Change oil and filter, coolant filter, air cleaner element, fuel filters. Check radiator hoses. Clean crankcase breather and coolant system.

For inquiries regarding our diesel generators, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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