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03/23/2015 | Portable Diesel Generators to Power Drilling Operations and Sites

As more advances are made in the oil and gas industry, these generally come with added challenges to portable power systems. Fortunately, portable diesel generators not only provide backup power to lessen lost productivity from downtimes, but these power units also help improve the total efficiency and productivity of drilling operations.

Over the years, diesel generators have been designed with high power capacities in order to solve power load problems. That's because aside from the power required to explore and extract oil and gas resources, a considerable amount of energy from these power systems is distributed to supply other essentials such as mud pumps, living conditions of workers, and the like. Normally, more power is required for drill rigs to dig deeper and faster into rock formations, whether horizontally or vertically. However, diesel generators may fail to address these needs when an engine malfunctions, thereby affecting the total efficiency and productivity of drilling systems.

To ensure continued operations, portable diesel generators may be used in parallel configurations for the purpose of load sharing and management. Aside from being a cost-effective power solution, such setups have proven to be reliable and scalable, allowing them to adapt to different site conditions and circumstances. Drilling systems can maximize diesel generators' energy density to make the most out of their power investment. Even when diesel generators are poorly maintained, the resilience and longevity of diesel engines can help keep round the clock operations going.

In addition, diesel generators can also be customized to control and minimize their environment impact, whether in terms of air, water, or oil. Our portable diesel generators offer superior sound attenuation, specialized fluid basin for 110% spill containment, and meet NEC, MSHA, OSHA, and NESHAP emission regulation standards.

For inquiries regarding our diesel generators and their site-specific benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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