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03/23/2015 | Power You Can Rely On with an Emergency Backup Generator

Power outages, especially blackouts that last for a few days, can severely impact all major sectors. From residences and businesses to local government offices and agencies, power interruptions can greatly disrupt the smooth flow of things. With an emergency backup generator however, you can at least keep operations running so business won't be heavily disrupted.

Consider for instance the telecommunications sector. Loss of profit is but a portion of the damages caused by severe blackouts. With telecommunications systems down, utility providers may not be able to service all the facilities that are dependent on them. The local emergency service sector is an important part of the community that could be severely impacted by a breakdown in telecommunications systems once the power goes out. The community may be put at risk when people can't contact these local emergency services like those for fires, medical emergencies, or police assistance. With an emergency backup generator on standby, communications systems can continue running and the risk of not being able to reach local emergency services is greatly reduced.

Reliable Generators

Whether you're looking for diesel oil or natural gas generators to serve as your emergency backup power, HIPOWER SYSTEMS has an excellent array of industry-standard generators for the telecoms sector.

Our generators are designed to meet OSHA, NEC, and MSHA standards, ensuring that they are always safe for use and reliable for emergencies. Our generator units are also easy to manage and maintain. Plus, we provide training for the proper usage and maintenance of your emergency backup generator.

You can also contact us anytime should you need assistance or if you want your unit checked for maintenance. You may reach us at 913-495-5557 or call us toll-free at 866-710-2988.

If you need help choosing a backup generator to suit your requirements, just complete our online contact form and we will promptly get back to you.



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