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03/23/2015 | GFCI Features of Portable Power Distribution Products

At HIPOWER SYSTEMS, we put a premium on the quality, safety, technological mastery, and superior engineering that we put into our power equipment and processes, which is why you can rest assured that all of our portable power distribution products comply with the National Electrical Code's GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) requirements.

GFCI features aren't merely important; they are vital when it comes to user safety. Deviations in the normal flow of electricity can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include damaged equipment, exposed live electrical parts, insulation failures of cables and wires, and conductive dust particles to name a few. GFCI works by sensing these electrical flow deviations and then tripping or shutting off the circuit. Without GFCI measures, users may suffer from fatal or severe electrical shock when they become the unintended conductor for electricity as it flows down to the ground.

With user safety as one of our guiding principles, we guarantee real-time GFCI response in our portable power distribution products. Our Standard 50A Boxes are ideal for damp locations. These are safe to use in sites that are in proximity or may come into contact with water and any water hazard such as wet tools, equipment, and clothing. Our team of highly skilled engineers and thoroughly trained technicians can test and evaluate GFCI receptacles to determine if they are in excellent working condition.

In addition, we also offer Ground Fault Relay Kits that can detect low-level ground and arcing faults from mobile power generation sets to protect distribution systems. Aside from posing a danger to personnel, ground faults may also damage equipment and facilities, cause fires, and impact the repair time of equipment and power systems. GFCI must be checked from time to time for defects and proper maintenance.

For more inquiries about our power distribution products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'd be glad to be of service.



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