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04/22/2015 | Commercial Standby Generators: Security during a Crisis

Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods can – and often do – have devastating consequences. Even businesses that were left relatively intact after a natural disaster are vulnerable if power sources were damaged or destroyed during the event. Being without power for a significant length of time can leave a property in danger of theft, contamination, and even further property loss. Moreover, medical centers dependent upon a consistent flow of power put their patients and their staff at grave risk if they do not have a quality backup power source. Having well-engineered, commercial standby generators at the ready can mean the difference between stability and ruin.

The procurement of power distribution equipment will not automatically ensure a reliable power supply; the devices must be deliberately constructed in order to meet the very specific needs of the user. Commercial standby generators that deliver consistent and smooth power delivery must be tailored not only to the usage requirements of the operation, but also to the environment. When it comes to temporary power generation, it is essential that the equipment is compatible with the source of power in order to guarantee efficient power usage.

In an emergency situation, it is critical that your power supply not only meets the basic requirements of your enterprise, but is also sufficient for potential long-term use, should the need arise. Here are several factors that should be considered when outfitting your operation with a commercial standby generator, or any form of temporary power equipment:

  • Maintenance and service considerations. Think about the level of maintenance your system would require, and if you have the resources to meet that requirement.
  • Power requirements. Rugged applications, such as large industrial complexes and medical centers, require generators that can withstand potentially lengthy use and heavy amperage. Major complexes (commercial and industrial) will generally have a three-phase power arrangement; private homes require a single-phase power arrangement.
  • Climate and environment. Harsh weather conditions, marine environments, and potential for floods will determine the optimum standby generator. Furthermore, state laws and municipal zoning regulations have varying statues regarding permissible generators.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS offers a varied assortment of portable power distribution solutions. If you'd like to discuss your standby commercial generator options, feel free to contact a HIPOWER SYSTEMS representative.



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