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04/22/2015 | Diesel Generators: State of the Art Maintenance Solutions

Ownership of a diesel generator requires not only a monetary investment, but also an investment of effort. For optimal operations, a diesel generator must be maintained expertly - this ensures not only the smooth running of the unit, but also the safety of the operators. While regular maintenance and even service are unavoidable, innovations in diesel generator manufacture and development have made maintenance obligations targeted, specific, and seamless.

When diesel generators are used in remote, difficult-to-access locations, maintenance and service issues can go unnoticed very easily. When potential problems are ignored, complications above and beyond the original concern can flourish. However, the advancements in remote diagnostic access have become so great that operators can immediately detect flaws in units digitally. Updates and configurations can be conducted automatically, and alerts to graver issues can be sent instantly, so that operators can make any necessary adjustments and address problems without delay.

The remote access alerts are sent to dedicated personal computers or even mobile devices, so that even operators who aren't onsite can be kept apprised of difficulties by satellite. Instant alerts can mitigate glitches and save money on major repairs. Additionally, having immediate alerts by remote can significantly lower transportation costs. Furthermore, mobile generator housings allow for inexpensive all-weather protection without the need to build a permanent structure.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS provides state of the art diesel generators with 21st century system benefits. Every product meets and exceeds governmental regulatory standards, including those from OSHA, NEC, MSHA, and NESHAP. Our generators, power distribution systems, and accessories are all tailored to meet the needs and expectations of all our clients, and we are devoted to maintaining our reputation for providing exceptional service.

If you have questions about any of our products' technical specifications, do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives at 913-495-5557 or toll-free 866-710-2988 for a thorough consultation.



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