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04/22/2015 | Portable Diesel Generator: Generator of Power and Revenue

A business can lose considerable revenue during lengthy power outages. Although most outages resulting from power grid failures or minor natural events typically aren't especially long, even two days can eat away at profits. While just closing operations during a power loss might have been an option as recently as 10 years ago, today many enterprises are so reliant upon electronic communications and consistent service that the loss of multiple working days might not be a reasonable alternative. Don't allow a power outage to drain you of your profits. Portable diesel generators can provide a cost-effective solution; they are safe, affordable, and fantastic insurance policies - if you know which unit to choose.

Custom commercial portable diesel generators can be modified to your specifications. Regardless of whether your operation is single-phase or three-phase, you can find an option that supports your electrical output. In order to determine the most appropriate generator for your typical usage, look at your main electrical panel, which will tell you the power system that is transmitted to your facility.

If your usage is 120/240 volts, then your business only requires enough power for lights and basic, household-level computer appliances, and your generator will only have to support single-phase power. Three-phase usage is 240/480 volts. For higher voltage applications - large commercial or industrial interests - it might be in your interest to acquire a generator that can accommodate three-phase power. If you are concerned about the incoming voltage matching the generator, you can use a portable step-down transformer to convert the power level, or a unit that can switch between single and three-phase power options.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS offers a comprehensive selection of portable diesel generators, as well as natural gas generators, power distribution panels and boxes, power transformers, and other power supply products. Our peerless dedication to quality and service has made us an industry leader, and we take great pride in providing top-notch products for a wide variety of applications.

To learn more about our portable diesel generator options, take a look at our website, or call for a consultation from a HIPOWER SYSTEMS representative.



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