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04/22/2015 | Reasons Portable Natural Gas Generators are Growing in Popularity

Although diesel generators are typically the go-to units for industrial and medical center applications, portable natural gas generators are becoming more common for residential and even commercial properties. Regions that have to adhere to strict environmental regulations and noise restrictions tend to favor portable natural gas generators. Here are a few other reasons you might want to consider natural gas for your temporary power supply.

Cost efficiency

Diesel is, generally, a more expensive fuel than natural gas; the price of natural gas is fairly stable, whereas diesel can be quite inconstant. Another cost benefit to natural gas generators is their long run time – they can run uninterrupted for a significantly longer time than diesel models. Also, diesel generators require the storage of diesel fuel onsite, which might not be ideal for residential locations.

Lastly, portable natural gas generators are cleaner-burning units, which result in lower overall maintenance, and engine life that exceeds that of diesel models.

Access to fuel

In an emergency situation, diesel fuel might not be accessible; fuel pump failure or damaged pipelines could easily prevent acquisition of diesel generator fuel. Because portable natural gas generators can be run on propane, generator owners don't have to worry about the availability or storage of diesel fuel. Propane doesn't degrade as long as it's stored properly in a secure tank, whereas diesel fuel can go bad in as little as one year – even though it might still be useable. Additionally, diesel fuel tanks must be consistently maintained and checked for debris. Propane tanks and natural gas can be stored safely and securely pretty much without any maintenance.

Environmental concerns

Natural gas generators leave considerably fewer carbon emissions than diesel powered generators. Moreover, natural gas is generated from eco-friendly resources.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS offers the highest quality power supply solutions available. Every product meets or exceeds government regulations, including those set forth by OSHA, MSCA, NEC, and NESHAP. HIPOWER SYSTEMS is proud of the dedicated service we deliver to our clients, and we will continue to provide stellar temporary power solutions, every day.



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