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06/16/2015 | Ensure the Success of Outdoor Summer Festivals with Generator Rentals

Outdoor festivals, concerts, and shows are popular year-round but maybe more so in the summer. Both paid and free events are spread over on the summer calendar, first to welcome the season and last to bid it goodbye. In such events, power supply plays a critical role, which is why, generator rentals are in demand during the summer months.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS provides top-of-the-line natural gas and diesel generators for lease and for sale, servicing various industries as well as outdoor events that require reliable power to keep the show going.

Power Supply for Outdoor Events

Planning outdoor events come with special challenges when it comes to power supply. You have to make sure that all electronic equipment such as the lighting, microphones, and speakers among others will be able to work properly for the duration of the event. And without power readily available in an outdoor venue, it would be necessary for you to provide a power source as well as all the necessary connections for your equipment. For your power source, your best option would be generator rentals you can set up at the venue.

To select the right generator for your outdoor event, first make a list of all the equipment you will require. The size of the venue can help determine the number of equipment you'll need to make the event successful. Be sure to take note of the power supply requirements for each of your equipment.

Your list will serve as a guide to help you decide on the number of generators you'll need as well as the required power capacity for each. It is recommended that you discuss your electrical requirements with your generator rental supplier.

Additionally, you may request the generator company to help you set up the generators for your summer event. You may also request to have a technician on call or at the venue during the event for troubleshooting.

If you wish to discuss your generator requirements for your summer outdoor event, please call HIPOWER SYSTEMS at 866-710-2988 or 913-495-5557.



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