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06/16/2015 | Why Natural Gas-Powered Generators Are Fast Becoming Popular for Commercial Use

Generally, business entities operate on the principle of making a profit. However, there are certain unexpected or unforeseen events that can disrupt operations such as when power supply failures or total power outages occur. Fortunately, most businesses have emergency power plans to mitigate this. Here are some reasons why natural gas-powered generators are fast making their list of backup power options.

Fresh Supply of Fuel

One of the most convenient advantages to natural gas generators is the availability of fuel. Although natural gas in itself has a very long shelf life, what's great about having a fresh supply is that it eliminates the cost of having to buy and store fuel. There's no saying when a power outage can happen, but with natural gas generators, business owners can just have the fuel piped into their generators whenever the need arises.

Fewer Safety Concerns

Safe to install and operate, natural gas engines rarely have leaks or spill risks. In addition, unlike the distinctive pungent smell of diesel, natural gas is odorless. Once natural gas-powered generators are set up, you can expect them to run automatically according to the startup requirements of the NEC.

Quieter Engines

Unlike their diesel counterparts, natural gas generators have quieter engines. For businesses located in highly urbanized settings, having quieter generators can help provide better working conditions by producing less noise pollution that may disrupt work or public peace. Natural gas engines are also emission compliant and can support the environmental aspect of a business's corporate social responsibility program.

At HIPOWER SYSTEMS, we can assist you in determining the best type of natural gas generator for your business. For inquiries about our natural gas-powered generators, or if you'd like to have our specialists develop an emergency power plan for you, please contact us at 866-710-2988. We can also do site-specific enhancements to better serve your business needs.



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