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06/16/2015 | Diesel Generators: Getting Optimum Performance at Low-Temperature Conditions

While diesel generators are known for their excellent service life and robust engines, they aren't always able to deliver optimum performance in low temperatures or sub-arctic conditions. However, this can easily be remedied with the appropriate modifications.

One factor that may hinder these generators from running smoothly is the susceptibility of diesel fuel to gelling. In low temperatures, the paraffin content of diesel crystallizes. When this happens, the generator can suffer from clogged fuel filters and run into combustion problems. As a result, diesel generators may have difficulties starting or even fail to do so entirely.

To prevent diesel fuel from gelling in colder weather, winter diesel additives may be used to reduce paraffin and alter its freezing properties. The ratio of additives will vary based on the temperature and weather conditions. Home and business owners don't have to worry about finding the right mix as they can just use the predetermined ratios provided by distributing agencies. The additives are also best used before the fuel turns cold.

When it comes to the engine and the diesel generator itself, there are accessories available that will keep them running at their peak even in cold temperatures. For instance, control panel heaters can be used to maintain the right temperature inside the control panel enclosure. The stable temperature environment will help keep the electronic components protected from condensation and corrosion.

Other winter accessories that may be added are battery warming pads and wraps to improve cranking power and prolong battery life. Easy to install, these accessories feature a fire-retardant vinyl cover that resists oils and acids.

To get the best setup for your diesel generators in colder regions or in the winter, please contact HIPOWER SYSTEMS at 866-710-2988. Our team of specialists is ready to develop a winter pack solution fit for your needs.



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