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06/16/2015 | Prevent Trading Disruptions with an Automatic Standby Generator

Trades in the stock market primarily depend on a network of complex computer systems that require power. Generally, these trades are numbered in the millions, coming from different people and entities scattered the world over. In the event of a power outage or power supply failure, an automatic standby generator can help keep trade and economic activity from coming to halt.

As stock prices are highly volatile, with fluctuations occurring every second, trading disruptions caused by power failures are a serious concern among traders and brokers. This is because when the market is indefinitely shut down, they will not be able to execute their strategic positions. Ultimately, the situation translates to profit losses or lost opportunities. Malfunctions caused by an outage may also force traders to resort to other exchange operators in order to continue trading.

Since stock exchanges are not only extremely time-sensitive but also involve millions of transactions happening in real-time, there should always be an emergency power plan ready to solve potential power failures. Automatic standby generator units can prevent electronic glitches from occurring in the system, thereby giving traders a sense of security. Trading errors are not only costly to fix but are also time-consuming and difficult to remediate.

To ensure that systems are running smoothly, more than one generator may be necessary as part of the contingency plan should one unit fail. The reliability of the generator should also be tested as failure and connectivity issues may happen at any time. With that said, emergency generators should be able to start automatically with the capacity to support a high volume of trade.

For inquiries about our mission-critical automatic standby generator units here at HIPOWER SYSTEMS, feel free to contact us at 866-710-2988. We would be more than glad to develop a custom recommendation fit for your power-generation requirements.



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