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06/16/2015 | Generate More Power with Industrial Natural Gas Generators

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, as of May this year, the natural gas futures price of $2.82/mmBtu is $1.85/mmBtu lower from last year's projection. For companies with industrial natural gas generators as part of their emergency power plan, this could very well mean a prolific period of fuel security, also in part of the ongoing boom in natural gas production in the country, particularly from shale.

With natural gas slowly becoming the better fuel choice for power production, more capacity gaps have been filled at a faster time to the benefit of operations. More pipeline companies may also be tapped to make sure that natural gas supply and reserves are stable. Overall, as demand for power grows in the industrial setting, natural gas generators can help increase supply and preserve the delicate supply-demand balance across all sectors. Consequently, companies that use these generators can enjoy greater electricity independence from power grids, which have proven to be vulnerable to failures and natural disaster events.

In addition, industrial natural gas generators of today have been enhanced to maximize energy with less fuel consumption. Equipped with heavy-duty anti-vibration components to reduce mechanical breakdowns, these generators feature a long service life while complying with the stringent environmental and regulatory policies of the EPA, NEC, MSHA, and OSHA.

Cut down on CO2 emissions while increasing power supply with natural gas generators. Should you need help converting to natural gas or setting up parallel configurations with other types of generators such as their diesel counterparts , we at HIPOWER SYSTEMS have a dedicated team of engineers and technicians to visit you onsite and troubleshoot problems.

If you're looking for site-specific enhancements for the industrial natural gas generators you need, just talk to us by calling 866-710-2988. We have a variety of plating enclosures, power distribution accessories, and gas filtration systems to go with your natural gas engines.



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