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06/16/2015 | Portable Natural Gas Generators for Industrial Complexes

For large-scale industrial complexes that have underground pipelines, portable natural gas generators can easily meet onsite power requirements thanks to the abundance of natural gas. Simply connecting to these pipelines increases fuel availability while also eliminating the need for large delivery tankers and storage tanks that only take up valuable space.

In massive industrial sites, different processes typically occur at the same time. This means that power needs are more or less constant across the different stages of the operation cycle, whether it's for petroleum refining, chemical production, or agricultural manufacturing.

When a power failure affects one factory or a building, portable natural gas generators may be quickly deployed to generate backup power and restore operations. The portable configuration of these generator sets is also an advantage in case of repair or maintenance work. Transport won't be a problem as the generators can be towed, trailered, or hoisted using the single-point lifting eye integrated into the skid frame.

As it stands, industrial sites often face regulatory scrutiny as operations may cause environmental or residential hazards. With the use of natural gas, the overall impact of industrial applications is lessened. Natural gas is considered one of the cleanest fuels available. Aside from having fewer CO2 emissions, it is safer to keep over the long term unlike diesel, which has a shorter shelf life.

For industrial complexes such as refineries that already process natural gas, generators with natural gas engines are even more practical, if not the better choice entirely. All of HIPOWER SYSTEM's natural gas generators are energy efficient and equipped with sound attenuation features. If you need help selecting the right model for your industrial complex, our team can visit your site to determine your power requirements. We will then devise a recommendation that's tailored to your needs.

Contact us at 866-710-2988; we'd be glad to be of service.



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