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07/08/2015 | Natural Gas-Powered Generators as Ideal Power Supply Solutions for Fertilizer Pl

As fertilizer plants already use natural gas as the main raw ingredient for the production of fertilizer, they can save more on fuel costs with natural gas-powered generators as part of their emergency power plans. To date, the supply of natural gas continues to be abundant in the United States, enjoying more affordable price points. For fertilizer manufacturers, this means that using a natural gas generator as their alternative source of energy gives them the advantage of using a resource they already have on hand for their backup power supply.

Throughout the production cycle in fertilizer blending facilities, electricity is needed to power various functions, from enabling heavy machinery to batch and package fertilizer to storing and segregating chemicals. With this in mind, natural gas generators are ideal solutions for ensuring continuous operations. Since fertilizer plants already have natural gas readily available for the generator, they can immediately set the generator running to power the entire facility and avoid delays in production.

Additionally, aside from their clean-burning engines that are designed to meet EPA emission standards, natural gas generators incorporate specialized components such as crankcase ventilation filters with thermal insulation, as well as sophisticated, digital engine controllers with telematics, to make them easier to use.

For natural gas-powered generators that will work seamlessly with your current set-up, please do not hesitate to contact HIPOWER SYSTEMS at 866-710-2988. We also offer robust and high-performing gas filtration systems that remove fuel impurities and reduce engine failures.

Our technicians will be glad to present our different generator models to find the perfect set for your power solution requirements. You can also rest assured that our units meet or exceed NEC, MSHA, and OSHA standards to preserve the safe working environment of your fertilizer plant.

Contact us today; we'd be glad to hear from you!



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