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07/08/2015 | Power Data Centers Round the Clock with Diesel Generators

As more and more businesses rely on large-scale computer systems for storing data, the need for emergency power and contingency planning becomes even more important in the face of power grid failures. One source of power that these mission-critical facilities can turn to is diesel generators which are equipped with user-friendly and weather-resistant diesel engines.

Power outages can happen at any time unexpectedly. Without power available round the clock, data centers face numerous risks. Businesses like financial institutions and insurance companies cannot afford to gamble their data centers' power security since these facilities carry out critical processes. Loss of valuable data, data theft and manipulation, and hardware failure are just some of the dangers that can occur. These may not only be costly to remedy but could also ultimately damage a company's reputation.

With that said, the output of a data center's backup power unit must be sufficient to meet all operational needs. This is where diesel generators can be relied on to ensure that operations are running smoothly.

Here at HIPOWER SYSTEMS, our generators are precision-machined and tested to meet our clients' stringent power requirements. Depending on your needs and circumstance, we can help you find the right diesel generator that not only fits your building, but can provide the power your business needs to run operations without fail. Our team of engineers and technicians utilizes advanced power processes and programs to make sure that our generator units are safe and easy to operate. Our generators also come with site-specific benefits and are guaranteed to meet the regulatory and environmental standards of the NEC, MSHA, and OSHA.

For a custom recommendation on which generator you should acquire, please do not hesitate to a contact HIPOWER SYSTEMS at 866-710-2988. Our specialists will be glad to walk you through each of our diesel generators and assist you with your concerns.



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