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07/08/2015 | Industrial Natural Gas Generators: What Sets HIPOWER SYSTEMS Apart?

industrial natural gas generators have grown in popularity as an alternative source of power mostly because of the lowering cost of natural gas as well as the increasing demands for environmental responsibility. For the oil and gas industry, having this type of generator means being able to avoid flaring off natural gas-a byproduct of oil production-while also cutting down on carbon emissions.

One issue, however, is that natural gas taken straight from the wellhead requires additional processing for it to be used safely and efficiently. This entails a multi-stage filtration process that removes impurities through conditioning, as well as water and condensate through polishing. Without these processes, impurities in the gas will cause clogging in the generator.

A Solution to Utilizing Raw Gas

To solve the issue of utilizing byproduct gas, HIPOWER SYSTEMS has developed industrial natural gas generators that are capable of burning raw natural gas extracted directly from the wellhead. These gensets eliminate the need to transport raw gas to a refinery for processing. Thus, oil and gas production sites can immediately utilize their byproduct gas to power different areas of their operations. In turn, they can enjoy greater savings on power costs while reducing their impact on the environment.

Additionally, HIPOWER SYSTEMS has developed gas filtration systems that can be installed at the site to process raw natural gas. Designed to remove and reduce impurities present in wellhead natural gas, these accessories help to prevent clogging in natural gas and bi-fuel applications for greater power efficiency and reliability.

With both solutions in place, oil and gas extraction companies are able to make use of their available resources to the fullest while having a reliable supply of power at the site. To learn more about these and our other power solutions, talk to us at HIPOWER SYSTEMS today.



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