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07/08/2015 | Portable Natural Gas Generators for Touring Events

Whether it's a traveling carnival or a touring concert, the success of the event lies not only in what it has in store for guests, but also in uninterrupted power that can keep the show going until dark. For any traveling outdoor event, portable natural gas generators are a great investment that ensures continuous power even if it has to run until well past midnight.

Portable diesel generators are often considered the ideal choice for outdoor use due to their rugged construction. Today, innovations in generator design such as heavy-duty anti-vibration components as well as highly durable stainless steel enclosures put natural gas generators at par with their diesel counterparts, especially when it comes to reliability in outdoor settings.

More importantly, natural gas-powered portable generators offer the convenience of readily available fuel as long as there are available supply lines at the event venue. Thus, event organizers won't have to lug around fuel tanks to power their generators, especially if they need electricity for a whole range of equipment, such as musical instruments, sound systems, carnival rides, cooking gear, lighting, and more.

If no supply lines are available at the venue, these generators also offer another advantage. Aside from natural gas, these generators can run on propane, which is far less expensive than diesel fuel-a great benefit for touring events that already have to spend a lot for transportation.

Additionally, propane does not "go bad" unlike diesel, which is susceptible to microbial growth and degradation if not stored in ideal conditions. Since propane has a long shelf life and doesn't require special conditions for proper storage, it can serve as another cost saver for traveling events that will spend several months on the road.

The best type of generator for your traveling event will depend on your specific power requirements. Talk to us at HIPOWER SYSTEMS today to find out which of our portable natural gas generators is most suited to your needs.



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