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08/25/2015 | Selecting Power Distribution Equipment for Your Rental Line

Power Distribution EquipmentThe variety of electrical power distribution equipment and the number of tasks these units facilitate has grown considerably in recent years. Portable power systems in particular have become important electrical components in everything from construction to special events planning. Organizations have realized they can deploy one generator that meets their cumulative load needs and maximize use of its available electricity through power distribution. Or, they have access to high-voltage, three-phase power from a utility provider and need a power transformer to convert it to single-phase or step it down to a lower voltage before they distribute it. In all these examples, power distribution equipment maximizes available electricity through better power management.

For rental operators, properly chosen and marketed power distribution products can be a gold mine. Power distribution equipment doesn’t have the maintenance and service requirements that generators do, so rental companies can deliver a single generator to their customers along with power distribution equipment that suit the job’s needs and reduce onsite visits. They can even offer power system planning and setup as a value-add service at an extra charge. Following are some thoughts on selecting power distribution units that will service the broadest array of rental customers and achieve the most rapid payback for the operator.

Transformers: Transformers can be expensive, but they can help pay for themselves in the field. A three-phase industrial generator can convert its output to the single-phase power often needed on job sites for personal devices and other lower-power equipment, but it wastes 30% of the fuel in the process.

A power distribution unit connected to a three-phase generator will not waste any power in the conversion to single-phase. Rental firms that promote this benefit and offer transformers can charge more for them, as a result. If they also ensure some of their transformers include a selection of receptacles, they will be able to support customers that need power at the generator site without the need for a separate power distribution panel. Another feature that will make units valuable to many customers is the inclusion of single-pole Camlok connectors for motors, generators, indoor and outdoor lighting distribution panels, and other power applications.

Power Distribution Panels and Boxes: Offering a variety of voltages and amperage will give rental customers the most flexibility of choice Smaller boxes or sub-panels (normally 50 amps or less) used for end-user power needs should be equipped with a quantity of 20 amp, 125V NEMA 5-20 receptacles, individually protected by ground fault devices or breakers. Large power panels are used to protect smaller branch equipment or sub-panels as well as ground fault protection in machinery and industrial tools. These should always include Camlok connectors and can also include these smaller receptacles to extend value even more.

Renting in-demand power distribution equipment enables rental companies to distinguish themselves from their competition and prevent customers from shopping elsewhere. By offering a variety of power distribution equipment with cable assemblies, complete turn-key systems (both a generator and a power distribution unit) and power system setup, they can become a one-stop resource that customers will prize. Their customers will save money and reduce temporary power system set up time and complexity, which will in turn strengthen their relationship with the rental firm.

To learn more about power distribution, or to explore HIPOWER SYSTEMS line of power distribution products, we invite you to call 913-495-5557 to speak with an expert technician. You may also find the “Distro Gear” pages on our site helpful. While you are there, sign up for myHIPOWER to gain access to extended site benefits and more.



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