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08/31/2015 | Rental Companies: Sizing Generators for Customer Needs

HiPower GeneratorsSizing a generator is difficult enough for a company that is making a purchase. For rental operators trying to predict customer requirements, it can be confusing and complicated. Rather than focusing on all the options and narrowing it down to a few final selections, we recommend building a few customer profiles based on their operating requirements and then selecting the generators that work best for the greatest number of firms.

Management may also find it beneficial to speak with customers and prospects about their needs, either calculations they have already done or a list of equipment or systems they might need to run, as well as any upcoming new projects or needs. Inquiries should not be limited to those who currently rent or have asked about renting generators. Every customer is a good prospect for rental generators. Even if they do not use heavy equipment, they are certainly exposed to the possibility of power outages. Even customers that are currently working with other providers for their generators are good targets, as they will appreciate the request for advice and concern for their needs and might switch generator rental firms as a result.

Industrial generators are available at sizes ranging from 50KW to over 3MW. For ongoing operations, customers will need a generator with capacity that exceeds the total load of all equipment/systems that will be drawing power from the generator, plus the starting load of any items that may come online while other tools, equipment and systems are running. (Note that it's not uncommon for multiple equipment or systems to start concurrently.)

For standby generators, the situation becomes even more complicated, due to the many systems—from computers to HVAC units—that a company might potentially want to run in addition to basic life/safety items. For this reason, rental companies must insist that customers renting generators consult an electrician about their needs. This is a service that generator rental operators can offer as an add-on for those who do not have an in-house electrical expert. It offers the additional benefit of ensuring the electrician doing the work is someone the rental company trusts.

Under-sizing a generators is a common—and unfortunate—mistake, and one that can cause serious problems for rental operators. Damage can result to both the generator and the assets that connect to it, reducing the value of the rental firm's investment—and that of its customer. For that reason, rental operators have a vested interest in ensuring their customers rent the appropriate generator for the task. More is always better than less.

We don’t have room to go into more detail here, but one of our generator experts would be happy to speak with you about rental generator selection. To speak with an expert technician or learn more about HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ rental generator line, we invite you to call 913-495-5557. You may also find the rental generator pages on our site helpful. While you are there, sign up for myHIPOWER to gain access to extended site benefits and more.



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