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09/01/2015 | How Industrial Natural Gas Generators Can Benefit the Food Packaging Industry

In the food packaging industry, timing is everything. Food needs to be packed and distributed on schedule to ensure that consumers receive them in excellent condition. However, if the power goes out, operations are compromised. But if you have industrial natural gas generators on standby, you can continue with operations even during a power outage.

Industrial generators are designed to run heavy equipment used in various industries. If you run a food packaging business, a generator makes for a sound investment. Power interruptions not only compromise the freshness and quality of the food, but they also significantly delay operations. It is therefore recommended that you consider investing in industrial generators like HIPOWER SYSTEMS' natural gas generator sets to avoid unforeseen interruptions in your operations.

Quality Is Your Key to Success

In the food industry, quality is a foremost consideration for consumers and partners. Whether your business is focused on retail distribution or wholesale supplies, food quality shouldn't be compromised. And since packed food products come with an expiry date, it is important to have them ready for distribution within schedule. This is especially true if you are packing meat or food items that need to be refrigerated while waiting to be packed and distributed.

If you have a natural gas-powered generator ready to be used at a moment's notice, food spoilage and packing delays can be prevented.

Designed with precision engineering, HIPOWER SYSTEMS' industrial natural gas generators are built with the following features:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Clean-burning, low-cost fuel
  • Durable stainless steel enclosures designed to withstand harsh conditions
  • Compliance with NEC, MSHA, and OSHA standards

Don't let power interruptions stop business operations. Ensure food freshness and quality despite a power outage with an industrial natural gas generator on standby to provide emergency power whenever needed.

Please contact HIPOWER SYSTEMS at 866-710-2988 for more information about our products.



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