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09/01/2015 | Diesel Generators with Noise-reduction Features

One of the drawbacks of using diesel generators in the oil and gas industry is the noise that it makes. It may provide emergency power, but it also leaves building occupants and workers restless, and puts their health at risk.

Different cities and counties have strict regulations that govern the noise to which workers may be exposed. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set a standard of 85 decibels (dBA), which is equivalent to a diesel truck passing by. Most diesel generators have a noise level of 100 dBA, equivalent to standing ten meters away from a plane that’s taking off. Prolonged exposure to these noise levels can result in chronic ear loss.

Here are some ways HIPOWER SYSTEMS has reduced noise emissions from their diesel generators:

1. HIPOWER SYSTEMS generators run on engines made by reputable manufacturers such as John Deere, MTU Detroit Diesel, and Yanmar. These are not just more quiet compared to those from other manufacturers, but are also more durable, fuel-efficient, and require less servicing for damaged parts.

2. We offer a wide selection of enclosure materials, including carbon steel, aluminum, poly-carbon rubber, and stainless steel, each with different noise-reduction capabilities. Our diesel generators also feature built-in washable rock wool insulation for superior sound and vibration dampening.

3. Oversized enclosure doors with controller viewing windows allow personnel to monitor the generator constantly without having to open the doors. This helps prevent hearing impairment caused by prolonged exposure to engine noise.

These innovations allow our diesel generators to run smoothly and with less noise compared to others. For instance, the high-end HRMW 1150 T6 model, housed in an enclosure the size of a shipping container, emits only 72 decibels of noise at 23 feet, which is way below the OSHA limit of 85 decibels. These features make our diesel generators the top choice for quiet, high-capacity emergency power. HIPOWER SYSTEMS also provides natural gas generators with similar noise reduction features.



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