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09/01/2015 | Portable Power Distribution Products for Trade Shows

Trade shows are organized to provide companies with a venue for launching and marketing their latest products or services. Power is a critical component for trade shows to ensure that all the computers, lights, rotating display boxes, and other electrical devices in each booth are operable. Portable power distribution products like HIPOWER SYSTEMS' Entertainment Rubber Panels are ideal for these kinds of events. With these temporary power distribution systems in place, organizers can ensure that every participant receives enough power for their booths or kiosks.

With the right power distribution panel (PDP), you reduce the risk of experiencing power supply interruption throughout the duration of the event.

If you need assistance in determining power distribution requirements specific to your event, please contact HIPOWER SYSTEMS at 866-710-2988.

Entertainment Rubber Panels

When looking for a temporary power distribution system for your trade show, there are a few factors you need to consider to ensure the reliability of the PDP. From circuit breaker amps to product safety, these are important details that you need to look into prior to choosing a specific PDP.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS' portable power distribution products provide superior power efficiency to various industries. For instance, our Entertainment Rubber Panels are designed specifically for events, trade shows, and the entertainment industry. These rubber power distribution panels have the following features:

  • 20A to 400A circuit breakers
  • Fully insulated heavy-duty molded rubber enclosures
  • Compliance with UL 1640 and NEC requirements
  • Lightweight portability

Resistant to shock, weather, impact, and corrosion, our Entertainment Rubber Panels are safe, durable, and long-lasting. With these temporary power distribution systems installed at trade show venues, participants are guaranteed uninterrupted power for their marketing displays and activities.

For more details about our portable power distribution products, or inquiries regarding our Entertainment Rubber Panels, feel free to contact us at your convenience.



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