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Comprehensive Generator Accessories


HIPOWER SYSTEMS takes pride in offering accessories that result in significant operating enhancement and meaningful customization of its generators.


Available as parts at our online store and through online product customization tool.




HIPOWER SYSTEMS UL# 142 tanks are built with 10 or 7 gauge carbon steel unless customer specs different material. All material meets ASTM1011.


All seams and corners are welded on both the inside and outside of both the primary and secondary tank. All tanks are tested at 3-5 PSI and confirmed leakproof by three inspectors. Tanks are final-inspected by a builder and inspector.



UL #148 Tanks by Hipower Systems





Battery Tender Waterproof Vibration Resistant chargers are designed to accommodate the demanding charging requirements of high quality lead-acid batteries and should safely charge all lead-acid battery types.


The Power Tender PLUS charges and maintains both flooded and sealed, maintenance free, AGM, lead-acid batteries. Float / Maintenance function maintains batteries at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickled chargers. The Power Tender PLUS is easy to use, it’s rugged, it’s compact, it’s packed with power, and it’s backed by the reputation of the

undisputed battery charger industry leader. Waterproof, shock & vibration resistant, lightweight (less than 4 pounds), compact charger.




Battery Tender by Hipower Systems







  • Provides 16 LED indicators, an alarm sounder, a mute button and an LED test button.
  • The DSE549 meets the requirements of the United States of America National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 110 Level 1 Specification.
  • Configurable LED’s (Via the host controller).
  • Works up to 1000 meters from the host module using standard cable.
  • Power and link lost LED’s.
  • Mute button to turn off alarm (independent from host module.


Deep Sea Remote Annunciator by Hipower Systems


The block heater will maintain an engine’s operating temperature during downtime and serve as an excellent cold weather or emergency starting aid while eliminating needless idling. Hotstart heaters meet heating requirements for a wide range of engine sizes and applications. Designed to circulate heated coolant through the entire engine block, Hotstart engine heaters provide even heat distribution resulting in reduced engine wear, quick start-ups and reduced emissions.
Block Heater by Hipower Systems



The DSEWebNet Gateway is used in conjunction with supported DSE controllers to provide monitoring and communications

data via the DSEWebNet® advanced communication system.


Main features:


  • The Gateway device provides the user with full instant access to the DSEWebNet® system.
  • A single Gateway device can be connected to a maximum of 20 supported DSE controllers.
  • An unlimited number of DSEWebNet® users can access a single Gateway Device.
  • A single DSEWebNet® user can access an infinite number of Gateway devices.
  • Communication to the connected DSE controller(s) via USB, RS232, RS485 & Ethernet.


Hydronic coolant heaters gradually raise the temperature of the engine's coolant, assuring even heating of the engine block. They enable generators to have "warm starts," which reduce engine stress and wear and reduce demand on the battery. Hydronic coolant heaters work independently of the engine, yet they tap into the fuel and power supplies of the engine. This approach eliminates the need for an external power or fuel source, which enables them to operate anywhere a generator could be located, Warm starts reduce engine stress and wear and reduce battery demand with a pre-heater you will have smooth starts every time.  
Hydronic Heater by Hipower Systems



Contaminated crankcase emissions are a serious problem for diesel engine owners and the environment. These emissions are a result of gas escaping past piston rings and into the crankcase due to high cylinder pressures. In the crankcase, gases are contaminated with oil mist, water, etc. These contaminated emissions escape through the engine breather into the engine compartment and engine intake system.


Racor CCV Systems offer an effective solution to reduce contaminated crankcase emissions. CCV systems remove crankcase emissions, providing protection for the engine and the environment. In a robust, compact package, the closed crankcase ventilation filter systems provide superior oil coalescence and crankcase pressure control under the most severe conditions.


  • Keeps engine compartments and components clean.
  • Prevents clogging of engine intakes, turbochargers, and intercoolers.
  • Improves reliability and maintainability of diesel engines.



Crankcase Ventilation Filter by Hipower Systems




GE’s Zenith ZTG Series switches are built for standard applications requiring the dependability and ease of operation found in a power contactor switch.


• UL 1008 listed at 480 VAC.


• CSA certified at 600 VAC (200-260 amps - 480V).


• IEC listed at 480V.


• NFPA 70, 99, 101 and 110.


ZTX Transfer Switch by Hipower Systems





HIPOWER SYSTEMS only provides parts are specially designed to exact OEM standards, manufactured and tested to help deliver optimum performance in HIPOWER selected engines. Not only are HIPOWER selected genuine parts guaranteed to fit, but using them ensures that the engine they are installed on complies with applicable (EPA) emission regulations.




Preventive Maintenance Kits by Hipower Systems