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All of HIPOWER SYSTEMS' precision-machined and tested diesel generators are enclosed and portable, making them the ideal choice for markets from construction and special events to convenience stores.


Diesel Goes the Distance

HIPOWER SYSTEMS originated an end-to-end design, engineering and manufacturing ecosystem that ensures we produce the most trouble-free, weather-resistant, user-friendly diesel engines in the market today. 

Our commitment to lasting quality is backed by industry-leading customer service, tightly managed delivery windows and internationally recognized suppliers. Ranging in prime power ratings from 25 kVA to 1152 kVA, many of our diesel gensets come pre-mounted on trailers for portability and all are built to run under load 24/7/365 when maintained according to recommendations. 

To reinforce its reputation for world-class quality and service, HIPOWER SYSTEMS also uses advanced processes and programs to help purchasers ensure their equipment is safe, properly conditioned to operate and as user-friendly as possible. These services include comprehensive training programs and maintenance services, including an option to have a dedicated support team that will fly on-site and troubleshoot and resolve problems.

To learn more about the features and characteristics of our O&G diesel generators, we invite you to review the details below  or visit the individual product pages on this site. To have one of our specialists develop a custom recommendation for your company, please submit a contact request form or call 866-710-2988, toll-free.

Engines and System Advantages

  • Long-running engines from leading manufacturers John Deere, Yanmar and MTU Detroit Diesel, with Deep Sea Electronics advanced digital controllers for remote access, optional load sharing and telematics.
  • Optima gel batteries for high cranking amps, even in low-temperature situations, standard excitation booster (PMG) in the alternator and UL/C(UL) listed internal battery charger with waterproof enclosure.
  • Heavy-duty battery disconnect switch and main circuit breaker with electronic trip settings.
  • Multiple voltage selector switch with pad lockable handle for easy switching between single-phase and three-phase (U.S. or Canadian) power, from running man camps to powering pump jacks.

Enclosure Characteristics

  • Wide selection of material choices for enclosures including carbon steel, aluminum, rubber, poly-carbon or stainless steel, with hot galvanized dipping and other types of plating upon request.
  • Superior sound attenuation, with washable rock wool insulation, for near-silent operation.
  • Skids are integrated with the structural bedplate and enclosure framework, projecting against site damage. 
  • Built-in, easy-access power distribution panel can be outfitted with customers’ choice of receptacles, individual breakers, Camlok devices and lugs. 
  • Oversized enclosure doors with controller-viewing windows expedite maintenance operations, servicing and periodic analyses.

Regulatory and Environmental Attributes 

  • Equipped with the latest engine technologies to reduce fuel consumption and increase reliability.
  • Meets or exceeds NEC, MSHA, and OSHA standards; compliant with a variety of tier levels (Tier 2 – Tier 4i) for NESHAP-regulated emissions. 
  • Specialized fluid basin in the skid base (110% spill containment) prevents leakage onto the surrounding ground. 

Site-Specific Benefits

  • Compact units, often incorporating built-in trailers, can be towed from site to site or hoisted by the integrated single-point lifting eye for security or intra-site relocation.
  • Optional sub base tanks provide safe, convenient fuel storage for temporary settings. For long-term and permanent installations, quick-connect external couplers offer easy access to the three-way fuel valve. Support for extended run-time tanks improves diesel supply logistics.
  • Can be incorporated into a wide range of parallel configurations of up to 32 generators with a mix of engine types and power ratings.
  • Optional custom winterization packages afford even more protection for extreme weather conditions to as low as -50º. 

Rental Type Diesel Generator by Hipower Systems

Portable Diesel Generators: Easy Operation and Maintenance from a Distance

Computerized monitoring equipment and telematics are nothing new in the development of generators, but the depth and breadth of the programmable logic control (PLC) boards developed by HIPOWER SYSTEMS elevate the technology or our portable diesel generators to astounding levels.

Imagine a synchronized auto-start control module that enables remote monitoring and control for multi-generator load-share systems. It offers fully configurable reminders for maintenance and alerts for any applicable conditions, sending automated notifications via satellite or cellular links to designated computers through email or mobile devices using SMS. It can also log up to 250 events, facilitating best-practices maintenance and troubleshooting.

These are some of the biggest strides made by portable diesel generators and other portable power gen sets in remote control and monitoring technology. The telematics, specifically, support operation and monitoring of mobile generators, even in the remotest environments.

Monitoring panels, mounted onto the unit/s directly, allow for advanced system monitoring, alerting and control. When used properly, the technology has been proven to reduce unexpected failures and the ensuing costs. It also increases longevity and run time to maximize system return on investment.

Integrating this type of monitoring system with software enables operators to remotely control the generator via PC or mobile device via satellite communications, reducing operating complexity and saving the company in manpower and transportation expense. The only time an operator will be needed at the actual genset site is during upkeep or maintenance.

This approach is particularly useful for oil and gas (O & G) companies with unmanned operations such as those involving pipeline pumps and automated drilling rigs.

With all this power at your fingertips, there is no longer any reason to hesitate in considering portable diesel generators or portable natural gas generators for your site.

For inquiries or to learn more about the best portable power solutions for your site, please contact us or call 913-495-5557 or 866-710-2988, toll free.

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