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Using diesel power modules, parallel systems and medium voltage transformers, HIPOWER SYSTEMS created a custom configured power plant to meet the needs of the utilities companies.


Independent Power Production:
With the increasing strain on the power grid that supplies electricity to the U.S. and Canada, electric utilities welcome assistance meeting the demand for a steady supply of power. In today’s market, independent companies can own and operate power-generation facilities and then sell that power to the utilities or, in some cases, directly to end users. HIPOWER SYSTEMS helps companies design, custom-configure and deploy energy efficient, cost-effective and safe independent power-generation facilities for their customers.
Becoming an Independent Power Producer:
An entity that owns and operates one or more of these unique and beneficial facilities is called an Independent Power Producer (IPP) or a Non-Utility Generator (NUG). To create these facilities, HIPOWER SYSTEMS installs rows of its technologically advanced, precision-manufactured diesel generators, connected to one another in a parallel configuration and working in tandem with medium-voltage transformers.
Prior to the US Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) of 1978, NUGs were rare in the U.S. However, the passage of this Act, and similar legislation in Canada in 2002, has opened up the market for IPPs/NUGs. PURPA’s aim was to reduce domestic dependence on foreign energy, to encourage energy conservation, and to reduce the ability of electric utilities to abuse the purchase of power from certain types of power-producing facilities. 
Specifically, Section 210 of PURPA requires utilities to purchase energy from NUGs that qualify (called Qualifying Facilities) at the utility's avoided cost. In doing so, PURPA ensures NUGs receive a fair―if not superior―price for their energy and ensures any energy that small producers generate will not be wasted. Companies that own and operate these facilities often enter into Power Purchase Agreements with utilities that give them the confidence of a price guarantee for a specified term.


IPP Generator - Prime Power Generators

Independent Power Production: Power Customers Can Rely On

With your own independent power production (IPP) facility, you can provide customers with power that they can depend on 24/7. Whether you wish to directly supply power to end-users or you wish to supply the same to utility providers, HIPOWER SYSTEMS can help you set up your own IPP facility based on your specific requirements.

Put another way, if becoming one of the few non-utility generators in the US or Canada is part of your business plan, we can help you set up a reliable and cost-effective IPP facility that will be beneficial to both you and your end-users or utility partner.

Customized Design

Understanding that clients have specific power-generating needs for their customers or partners, HIPOWER SYSTEMS makes it a point to thoroughly discuss clients' needs in order to come up with a customized system that fits your specifications and requirements.

What this basically means is that we take into consideration all of your specifications and requests before coming up with the design for your independent power production facility. Tell us what you need and we'll design the best solution for you.

If you wish to make any changes on our design for your non-utility generators modules, let us know immediately. We encourage open communications with all our clients to ensure that the best power-generating solution is provided for your business.

Set an Appointment Today

To get started on your independent power production facility, give us a call today. We can be reached at telephone numbers 866-710-2988 (toll-free) and 913-495-5557. If you'd like to contact us through our website, you may do so as well, here. Please provide us with your current contact details (email, phone number, and cell phone number) when leaving a message through our site so we can get back to you immediately.

In the meantime, we invite you to visit our products pages to learn more about our line of power generators and services.