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Natural Gas

Built with the highest-quality standards to increase longevity and reduce maintenance and service calls, our portable natural gas generators are in demand for urban operations and industrial sites.

Natural Gas

Natural gas engines are preferred, and often mandated, in many urban environments. HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ rigorously tested and calibrated portable natural gas generators meet or exceed all applicable codes in urban settings. When installed in tandem with existing pipelines, they offer greater fuel availability in all conditions and enable efficient, clean fuel delivery, eliminating the need for delivery tankers and large storage tanks. 

For industrial sites that are or may soon be under regulatory scrutiny, using HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ energy efficient, sound attenuated, totally enclosed and bounded portable generators gives operators a decided advantage in meeting safety and operating regulations. These award-winning gensets also help to maximize investment, as they can be trailered, trucked, hoisted or winched to multiple locations as power needs arise. 

Beyond the quality of its products, HIPOWER SYSTEMS has developed advanced processes and enhanced programs to help owners ensure their equipment is safe, properly maintained and as user-friendly as possible. These services include comprehensive training programs and maintenance services, including an option to have a dedicated support team fly onsite to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

To learn more about the features and characteristics of our natural gas generators, we invite you to review the details below  or visit the individual model pages on this site. To have one of our specialists develop a custom recommendation for your company or customer, please submit a contact request form or call 866-710-2988, toll-free.

Engine and System Advantages

  • Engines from leading engine companies such as Power Solutions International incorporate the latest engine technologies to reduce fuel consumption, minimize complexity and promote maximum lifespans.
  • Deep Sea Electronics advanced digital controller with remote access, optional load sharing and telematics, with support for Mastertrak GPS telematics solutions.
  • Heavy-duty anti-vibration components ensure peak performance and reduce the chances of mechanical breakdown.
  • Crankcase ventilation filter with thermal insulation system provides ultimate oil coalescence pressure control.

Enclosure Characteristics

  • Attractive, durable stainless steel enclosures are engineered and verified to perform under high structural stress and harsh conditions. Optional enclosure material choices include carbon steel, aluminum, rubber or poly-carbon, with all enclosures engineered for the needs of these high-performance, hotter-burning engines. Hot galvanized dipping and other types of plating are available upon request.
  • Optional easy-access power distribution panel with receptacles, individual breakers, Camlok devices and lugs. 
  • Convenient external access to battery disconnect, battery charger, block heater, LP connection and engine oil/water coolant drain.

Environmental and Regulatory Control

  • Meets or exceeds NEC, MSHA, and OSHA standards; EPA compliant Pursuant to Section 213 of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. section 7547) and 40 CFR Part 60, 40 CFR Part 1048, 1065, 1068, and 60 ( stationary only and combined stationary and mobile ).
  • Specialized fluid basin in the skid base (110% spill containment) prevents leakage onto the surrounding ground. 
  • Heavy-duty two-stage air filters and three-way catalytic converters designed to meet current EPA emission standards. 
  • Equipped with the latest energy efficiency features to reduce fuel consumption.

Site-Specific Enhancements

  • Oil systems supply lube oil to the crankcase without daily supervision and maintenance.
  • Oversized enclosure doors with controller-viewing windows expedite maintenance operations, servicing and periodic analyses.
  • Weather-resistance features include watertight enclosures and water jacket engine block heater with heavy-duty heating elements. Optional custom winterization packages afford even more protection for extreme weather conditions to as low as -50o.
  • Compact units, often with built-in trailers, can be towed across the site or hoisted and moved using the single-point lifting eye integrated into the skid frame.
Natural Gas Generator by Hipower Systems

Portable Natural Gas Generators

Though less common than diesel-powered portable gensets, portable natural gas generators offer numerous advantages that make them worth their premium, whether as a primary power source at a remote location, or as a backup in a factory.

Short run costs

Depending on availability in the vicinity of a drilling site, natural gas is typically more affordable than diesel, especially when you consider the road tax that comes with buying diesel at the station, as will commonly be the case with portable generators. Additionally, the price of natural gas does not fluctuate as much as that of diesel, making it easier to plan ahead.

Another advantage, if you have access to a natural gas line, is longer uninterrupted run times, resulting in less operational downtime in an industrial setting. Additionally, fuel storage concerns are eliminated.

Long-term costs

In terms of system maintenance, natural gas burns cleaner and does not leave a residue. For these reasons, natural gas generators typically have a longer engine life. Over the life of the generator, the extra cost of investing in a portable natural gas generator will pay for itself in fuel savings and service reduction, alone.

Availability of fuel during disaster scenarios

If fuel pumps are not operational or pipelines are disrupted and on-site power generation is required, portable natural gas generators can also run on propane, which can be purchased in large or small tanks wherever gas grills are sold.

Natural gas lines run underground and are storm and weather-proof, which makes them the obvious choice for disaster-prone drilling sites. There are also benefits if fuel for your portable natural gas generator needs to be stored onsite. Unlike diesel, propane does not go bad. There's much debate over how long diesel can last before further processing (i.e. “polishing”) must be done to ensure safe and clean combustion again. Much of it depends on storage conditions.

In most cases, diesel is still usable, though not ideal, after a good number of years in storage, as long as it does not evaporate. However, it must be checked regularly for fungus and sediment. Propane and natural gas, on the other hand, can be kept safely in storage indefinitely.

Environmental aspect

Not only does natural gas tend to burn cleaner, leaving fewer carbon emissions in the environment, but it comes from more sustainable sources, whether as a bi-product of drilling or as methane from decomposing landfill waste.

In many cases, natural gas which used to be considered waste and released into the atmosphere can be harvested directly from the borehole.

For inquiries or to learn more about the best portable natural gas generators and other power solutions for your site, please contact us or call 913-495-5557 or 866-710-2988, toll free.