Achieving Lean Six Sigma: The journey to excellence.

Lean Six Sigma.

In HIPOWER SYSTEMS' quest for manufacturing and service excellence, we believe there is no room for errors or defects. We relentlessly seek ways to meet and exceed our customer expectations in quality and delivery. In pursuit of this goal, we have adopted a specialized methodology―Lean Six Sigma.

This highly disciplined approach―so difficult to achieve that some 70% of companies that attempt are unable to adopt it successfully―is our guiding light.

Lean Six Sigma combines the best of lean principles, which make production cycles and other processes faster and less wasteful, and Six Sigma, which focuses on ensuring end-to-end quality excellence from the warehouse to the production floor and all the way to the customer experience. 

HIPOWER SYSTEMS began its Lean Six Sigma initiative in May 2013, and within months we were within reach of ISO-9001 certification, a designation given to firms that can reliably achieve excellence in the quality of their manufacturing processes. We immediately saw reductions in first-pass yield and on-time delivery and decreases in customer complaints.

All of these improvements translate to a better product, and a better experience, for our customers. 

To further this customer-centric experience, HIPOWER SYSTEMS also applies Lean Six Sigma techniques to the customer experience itself, working with them directly on their concerns and keeping them up to date and informed on our processes and the status of their orders. 

When we purchased our new 515,000 sq. ft. manufacturing center, we didn't simply expand our operations, as many companies would. We completely reconfigured our space allocation to provide maximum support for our Lean Six Sigma initiatives.

For HIPOWER SYSTEMS, quality and lean operations must rule the shop floor, but they do not begin or end there. Every one of our team members understands our commitment to unrivaled excellence and works, each and every day, to foster quality at all levels of the organization, both in the back of the house and out front, with the customer. 

We do this because we believe there is no other acceptable approach. We hope to give you an opportunity to experience the singular product quality and service that accompanies such an effort.

At HIPOWER, we make it easy.  

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