Warranty Statement

Your HIPOWER Diesel and Gaseous engine generator set has been manufactured and inspected with 

great effort by qualified personnel to provide our customers with a superb quality product.

This Warranty is extended to the first end user, and no warranty is made nor authorized to be made assignable on resale by the first end user. Repair, replacement or appropriate adjustment at Himoinsa Power Systems, Inc.'s ("HIPOWER) option will be furnished if the product, upon HIPOWER's inspection, is properly installed, maintained and operated in accordance with Himoinsa instruction manuals. This warranty does not apply to malfunctions caused by damage, unreasonable use, misuse, repair or service by unauthorized persons or normal wear and tear.


* The warranty period can be adjusted to the date of commissioning of the diesel engine generator set if completed within (6) months of the invoice date from factory. 

Diesel Tier 4 Final

2 Years or 3,500 hours (whichever occurs first) parts & labor

Spark-Ignited Generators

2 Years or 3,000 hours (whichever occurs first) parts & labor

SafeGuard Stationary Diesel

2 Years or 2,000 hours (whichever occurs first) parts & labor. First year covers parts & labor, 2nd year covers parts only.

SafeGuard Stationary Gas

2 Years or 2,000 hours (whichever occurs first) parts & labor. First year covers parts & labor, 2nd year covers parts only.

Heavy Duty Industrial Stationary Diesel

2 Years or 2,000 hours (whichever occurs first) parts & labor. 

Heavy Duty Industrial Stationary Gas

2 Years or 2,000 hours (whichever occurs first) parts & labor. 

Agriculture Stationary Diesel

2 Years or 2,000 hours (whichever occurs first) parts & labor. First year covers parts & labor, 2nd year covers parts only.

Power Distribution Products

1 Year covers parts only.


3 Months

Application for Warranty

A valid warranty requires that: 

  1. The Himoinsa warranty certificate form must be completed, returned and on file at Himoinsa Power Systems, Inc. 
  2. Service and maintenance records must be kept on file with the end user and made available upon request from factory. 
  3. The generator set must be routinely exercised in accordance with the factory's operating instructions. 
  4. Diesel engine generator sets that are to remain out of service for a period longer than two months are subject to special requirements.

How To Obtain Warranty Service?

2 Options:

Contact your nearest authorized Hipower Systems Representative by calling or writing Hipower Systems.

Attention: Service and Warranty Department

Hipower Systems

16600 South Theden Street | Olathe, Kansas 66062

Toll Free: 866-710-2988

P: 913-495-5557

F: 913-495-5575

E: service@hipowersystems.com

Log into Dealer Portal area of Hipower Systems website and file a warranty claim.

Hipower Systems shall not be liable for any claim greater in amount than the purchase price of the product, in respect of which such claim is made, and in no event shall Hipower Systems be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages.

Warnings & Precautions:


Consumer Rights:

State laws regarding rights of consumers may vary from state to state.

1. The following items are among those that are not considered nor will be covered under the existing warranty program.

a) Battery or batteries of any type or kind. The Battery manufacturer's warranty applies to these only. Any warranty for such should be handled with the manufacturer according to their policies.

b) Adjustments to fuel systems or governor system at time of start up or any time after. This is acceptable only when a defective part has been replaced, returned to the factory and approved as defective.

c) Normal maintenance cost: adjustments, loose/leaking fittings or clamps, and tune-ups.

d) Non-Himoinsa replacement part(s) will void the entire limited warranty.

e) Products that are modified in any form without the written consent of Himoinsa will void the entire limited warranty.

f) Shipping damage of any type. All equipment is shipped F.O.B. factory and is consigned to the carrier once loaded for shipment. It is the responsibility of the receiver to sign and note any damage to the equipment and a freight damage claim filed by the receiver.

g) Any installation errors or damage of the equipment when shipped as ordered.

h) Any overtime travel or labor to make repairs under warranty.

i) Any special access fees required gaining access to Himoinsa equipment not limited to but including any training or safety policy, planes, ferries, railroad, buses, helicopters, snowmobiles, snow-cats, off-road vehicles or any other mode of transport deemed abnormal.

j) Rental equipment used during warranty work such as generators, rigging equipment such as crane or boom truck, load banks and special testing above factory requirements, etc.

k) Overnight freight costs for replacement part(s).

l) Excess mileage charges. Any Himoinsa authorized distributor may provide warranty service anywhere but will only be paid travel from the nearest service center up to 300 miles round trip of the generator's permanent location at $1.00 per mile.

m) Any equipment not factory approved or engineered for use on Himoinsa product. This includes but is not limited to after market items such as fuel systems, enclosures, exhaust systems, or switchgear that had been sought out and quoted by a third party to include in the billing of the Himoinsa equipment.

n) Trailers and UL listed sub base fuel tanks will be covered under the original equipment manufacturer's warranty.

o) Misuse or abuse including the installation and thereafter.

p) Normal wear and tear, maintenance and consumable items that include but are not limited to belts, hoses, coolant, oil, filters and fuses that are not required as part of a warranty repair.

q) Acts of nature such as, freezing, lightning, earthquake, windstorm, hail, volcanic eruption, water or flood, tornado or hurricane.

r) Any damage due to situations beyond the control of the manufacturing of the product or workmanship of the product, such as, collision, theft, vandalism, riot or wars, fire.

s) Installation or operation outside the guidelines as stated in the Maintenance, Installation and Use manuals.

t) Misapplication of the equipment such as usage outside the original design parameters as stated on the nameplate of the equipment.

u) Travel expense on portable equipment.

v) Lodging expense of person(s) performing service.

w) Overtime, holiday or emergency labor.

x) Engine fluids, starting batteries, fuses, light bulbs.

y) Failures caused by any contaminated fuels, oils, coolants or lack of proper fluid amounts.

z) Cords, receptacles, and cord reels.

aa) Housing lights and light switches.

bb) Units purchased as Standby Power and are identified as Prime Power.

cc) Any repair labor time that is determined to be excessive; e.g., such as two or more persons performing a one-person job.

dd) Any expenses associated with investigating performance complaints.

ee) Any associated costs for replacing components that are found not to be defective.

2. The aforementioned is a representation of things not covered by the standard “LIMITED WARRANTY.” If there are questions as to warranty coverage it is advisable to contact the factory in advance of filing a claim.

3.- RATES: Labor rate is $ per hour & transport hourly rates $ per hour. Different hourly rate for a specific repair can be negotiated with HIMOINSA but only if it is approved prior to proceeding with the repair.

* Note: HIPOWER® is a registered brand of Himoinsa Power Systems, Inc.