Standby Generators

As regulations tighten and fuel prices drop, gas generators are becoming an environmental and economic requisite for many companies. With oil and gas operators's under pressure to reduce flaring, the benefits can be even greater. HIPOWER SYSTEM'S award-winning gas generator line leads the field in reliability, performance and durability. Our wide assortment of generator and enclosure features and options enables these models to meet every possible application and need.

Points of Interest for These Models

• 63-1000 KW
•  State of the art controllers

• Ford and PSI Engines

• Dual-Fuel Capabilities
• Extended list of options available

• Heavy Duty Anti-Vibration

Generators Spark-Ignited / HNI Powered by PSI

RANGE: HNI - 80, 100, 125 & 150 | 450 & 500 | 650, 800 & 1000 kW

Generators Spark-Ignited / HNSG Powered by FORD

RANGE:  HNSG -25, 36, 50 & 63 kW 

Controller for Heavy Duty Natural Gas/LP Standby Range

DSEGenset® is an intelligent range of single-set and multi-set generator control solutions, mains protection relays, lighting tower control solutions, digital automatic voltage regulators, remote communications devices and expansion modules. Each range has been designed and manufactured by our industry leading experts to deliver a range of features and benefits that set new standards across the industry.

Deep Sea Electronics 7310, 7410, 7420 and 8610 

• 12 configurable digital inputs

• Comprehensive synchronizing & load sharing capabilities

• Internal PLC editor

• Ethernet communication, provides built in advance remote monitoring 8 configurable DC outputs

ComAp provides innovative solutions for various industries and technological needs all around the globe.  ComAp solutions are specifically suited for the requirements of rental fleet operation, offering unmatched levels of flexibility, energy efficiency, emission standards, efficient gen-set monitoring and control while delivering significant cost savings.  

ComAp InteliVision 5 w/ InteliGen NT Base Box for Models HRJW-190 and up

• Complete integrated gen-set solution and signal sharing

• Easy remote supervising and servicing

 • 5,7” Color TFT display with resolution of 320 x 240 for clear viewing Paralleling capabilities with motorized breakers included

Heavy Duty Natural Gas/LPG Standby Range Configurable Standard & Optional Features

To support the widest range of environments with resilient, state-of-the-art equipment, HIPOWER SYSTEMS has developed an extensive array of durable design, powered by engines from top manufactures and backed by exhaustive prototype testing.  Our manufacturing facilities utilize the latest advances in fabrication, mechanical and electrical component assembly, production and testing. 

Standard Features

• High Performance Sound-Absorbing Material

• Gasketed Doors

• Stainless Steel Lockable Handles

• Textured Polyester Powder Coat

• Oil Drain Extension

• Air Cleaner

• Fan Guard

• Factory Filled Oil

• Battery Charging Alternator

• Radiator Drain Extension

• Protective Thermal Switch

• Wrapped Exhaust Pipe

• Skewed Stator

• Internal Genset Vibration Isolation

• Separation of Circuits – High/Low Voltage

• Separation of Circuits – Multiple Breakers

• Standard Factory Testing

• Deep Sea or ComAp

• Full Load Capacity Alternator

• 2 Year Limited Warranty

Configurable Optional Features

•              Pressure Regulator Kits

•             Battery Charger

•             Battery Warmer

•             Anti-Condensation Heater

•             Oil Makeup Systems

•            Gas Leak Detector

•             Battery

•             LPG Vaporized with Lock-Off Valve

•             Water Separator System

•             Distribution Panel

•            Shutter and Actuator System

•             Oil Field Skid

Key Benefits

•  Clean electrical arrangement with labeled wire (Not Stamped)

•   Long lasting PSI and Waukesha Engines

•   Advance controllers with remote access, optional load sharing & telematics

•   7 Step pre-treatment & 4 Step powder-coating paint for the harshest of environments

•    Powerful Stamford Alternators for better generator performance

•   Portable power distribution panel with receptacles & mechanical lugs

•   External engine oil & coolant drains

•   Main circuit breaker with electronic trip settings 

•   External access to battery disconnect, battery charger, block heater and LP connection.

At HIPOWER, we make it easy.  

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Standby | Spark Ignited
Generators: Natural Gas
Powered by PSI
Standby 80 - 1,000 kW
60 Hz 1,800 rpm Standby kW
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Powered by PSI
Standby 83 - 1,000 kW
60 Hz 1,800 rpm Standby kW
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Standby | Spark Ignited
Generators: Natural Gas
Powered by PSI
Standby 450 - 500 kW
60 Hz 1,800 rpm Standby kW
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Powered by PSI
Standby 300 - 300 kW
60 Hz 1,800 rpm Standby kW
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Standby | Spark Ignited
Generators: Natural Gas
Powered by FORD
Standby 25 - 63 kW
60 Hz 1,800 rpm Standby kW
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Powered by FORD
Standby 25 - 63 kW
60 Hz 1,800 rpm Standby kW
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