Mobile Generators

Delivering prime power solutions in a wide range of power nodes, HIPOWER Mobile Spark-Ignited generators are engineered specifically for the needs of the North American oil and gas industry.  The range has been completely designed in partnership with our customers, to meet and exceed the unique requirements of this demanding industry.  By harnessing wellhead gas and industry leading technology these generators provide the most cost-effective solution while minimizing emissions.  Thanks to our dual fuel expertise, our generators are able to switch between natural gas (NG), liquid propane (LP), or wellhead gas automatically.  HIPOWER is an industry pioneer and innovator in meeting the power needs of the Oil & Gas industry.

Our Spark-Ignited mobile generators include the most reliable and dependable industrial application engines available worldwide.  

A rich list of standard features as well as configurable options gives HIPOWER a substantial edge over its competitors.

Optional ASME Code scrubbers with auto-dump and housed within the generator enclosure, provide the dirty gas filtration technology needed to turn waste into fuel.

Coupled with our optional Winter Packs, HIPOWER Systems generators don't simply perform in extreme cold…they excel.

Spark-Ignited Series


HRSG (LPG) SERIES         

Powered by FORD. Prime  25 - 63 kVA



 Powered by PSI. Prime 700 - 1175 kVA


Our Mobile Spark-Ignited mobile generators are designed and engineered with the utmost emphasis on serviceability and ease of maintenance.  While our extensive and experienced dealer network provides prompt support when most need it.


HIPOWER's relentless commitment to manufacturing and delivering the highest quality generators ensure our clients can maximize their up-time and productivity.  Our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kansas, provides us the means to develop new technologies, ensuring a Built-to-Last product line. 


Using the most dependable and reliable engines in the market, HIPOWER generators provide all the power needed in the most efficient manner while meeting emissions standards.

Spark-Ignited Technical Features

1. Soundproofed canopy.

2. Deep Sea digital controller.

3. External access to battery, block heater and LP connection.

4. Heavy-duty drag-gable oil field skid.

5. Balanced air intake.

6. Easy-to-access wide doors.

7. Reinforced towing hook.

8. Distribution panel with Camlocks and mechanical lugs.

The crankcase ventilation filter with thermal insulation system provides the ultimate oil coalescence pressure control.

Three-way Catalytic Converters designed to meet current EPA emission standards.

Externally accesible engine oil and water coolant drain.

Auto LP liquid withdrawal fuel system with vaporizer.

Heavy-duty two stage air filters.

Deep Sea Electronics advanced digital controller with remote access, optional load sharing and telematics.

Mastertrak GPS advance telematic solutions.

Heavy-duty antivibration elements guarantee correct running of the machines and prevent mechanical breakdown.

Convenient external access to battery disconnect, battery charger, block heater and LP connection.

Oil makeup systems designed to supply lube oil to the crankcase of a compressor or engine in an isolated location where daily supervision and maintenance are impossible.

With more companies expanding into remote sites, unforeseen labor expense can wreck the balance sheet. HIPOWER SYSTEMS' Spark-Ignited Series provide ultra-reliable power with minimal human intervention. Their potential to burn by-product gas speeds investment recapture even more.

At HIPOWER, we make it easy.  

Contact us today and experience the HIPOWER difference.