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Continuous Power: 

The Farmer's Advantage

In today's heavily automated agricultural and animal husbandry markets, power continuity is a must.  Many operations can experience catastrophic losses during a power outage.  HIPOWER SYSTEMS has built a strong reputation for reliable agro generator backup power in the U.S. and Canada.  We offer power solutions for many agricultural applications, including

Poultry Industry

Greenhouse Operations

Dairy Operations

Irrigation Systems

Horticulture Industry

Intensive Farms 

Dairy Farms

For dairy operations, power is especially crucial. Not only do computer systems keep track of dairy cows' location and their milking schedules, but they also manage the milking timetables. Furthermore, without power, electric milking apparatus cease to function, and the cold storage warehouses that keep milk and its products fresh for market shut down.

Cows can become ill quickly if not milked on schedule, and spoilage from bad milk and milk products can literally put the farm in jeopardy. Laws surrounding proper storage temperatures can mean that an outage of only a few minutes can render the contents of an entire cold warehouse unsalvageable.

Sow, Poultry 

& Growing Operations

HIPOWER SYSTEMS generators ensure that critical livestock ventilation systems remain functional. During a power outage, hogs, poultry and other closely spaced animals can begin suffocating within minutes without a supply of fresh air. Loss of heating, cooling and fan systems can also endanger animal welfare. 

Plants may not be dependent upon power 24/7, but any farmer knows they are still vulnerable. Power outages can shut down sprayers that coat ripening fruit in a sheet of protective ice in advance of a cold front; they can prevent farmers from using computerized picking machines to harvesting produce before a strong wind event. In short, power outages can cause incredible disruption and substantial losses.

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