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HIPOWER mobile generators are designed and engineered to meet the demanding requirements of your construction job sites. While they are quiet, robust, safe and easy to operate, they are also built to withstand the harshest working environments.

What features do you need in a generator for a construction site?

Non-stop working

We design generators to work in parallel to provide non-stop power for projects that demand continuous power

Maximise the running time

We develop equipment and operating kits that guarantee the best performance and functionality of the generator.

Optimizing maintenance costs

More versatile generators with low fuel consumption and extended maintenance intervals.

Easy to transport

We provide movement skids, lifting hooks and forklift rails integrated in the chassis for ease of movement around the site.

Operating in extreme working conditions

Our generators are fully equipped to work in heavy rain, wet conditions, snow and intense heat.

Compliance with standards

Our Diesel engines meet current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) TIER 4 Final non-road exhaust emission regulations. Our equipment also complies with noise emissions and protection against fluid leakage.

We help you to achieve the maximum profitability. 
Obtain our equipment with low maintenance, low consumption, withstand extreme temperature conditions, easy to transport and handling.
A complete wide range of  generator sets for standby and mobile operations that will give you reliable power when need it.


A construction site is the least delicate place for a generator. The equipment will be outdoors, exposed to different climate conditions that could potentially impact its performance. It will be treated roughly and will be moved from one side to another depending on the needs of the site and the rest of the construction equipment.

24/7 Technical Service

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We are committed to providing you with the best customer and tech support in the industry ensuring peace of mind. 

Our technician and dealer network will be pleased to offer the best solution to keep your work non-stop.

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