Generator Sets for

Disaster Relief

When the Unthinkable Happens

Natural disasters can strike anywhere, and the events of recent years—hurricanes, flooding rains, ice storms, scorching heat waves, earthquakes and wildfires — highlight the need for reliable and resilient power generation when you need it most.  

That is why HIPOWER Mobile generators offer versatility, flexibility and mobility in disaster planning or response.  HIPOWER understands the importance of agility in disaster relief situations.  

Be Ready When Disaster Strikes

When power goes out for days or weeks, merchandise spoils, sensitive machinery becomes damaged, data backups become unavailable, customers abandon their orders and seek the competition, finally, business fail.

The only certain solution that affords business continuity and protects the safety of personnel, equipment and operations is a permanent backup power solution.


HIPOWER SYSTEMS is a leader in providing continuous and backup power in virtually every possible configuration. It is trusted by companies that have incredibly remote operations, because they know that HIPOWER SYSTEMS generators can be trusted upon in an emergency to do their jobs. 

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