EHR | BATTERY POWER GENERATOR  is an innovative energy storage and distribution system that reduces noise and emissions and offers a variety of advantages, including increased reliability and improved energy efficiency. It can be used independently or integrated into power generation systems running on Diesel or Spark-Ignited generators. The system can also be connected to the grid or used with photovoltaic or other renewable generation.

60 Hz Models |Efficiency and Optimal Performance.

*EHR 10/10 | EHR 10/20*EHR 15/15 | EHR 15/30
*EHR 20/20 | EHR 20/40*EHR 30/30 | EHR 30/60
*EHR 40/60

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It's the HIPOWER-designed management system that lets operators select the most favorable power source for a specific load condition at any given time. It can be integrated with diesel and spark-ignited generator sets or connected to public electricity grids and renewable energy sources.


With HICORE, our main objective is to guarantee the optimization of the different energy sources through an interface that has been designed to provide a guided and simple experience for any operator, who will be able to choose the most appropriate working mode at any given moment. In addition, to ensure immediate start-up, we offer a Plug & Play mode that allows the EHR to automatically decide the best operating option at any given time based on constant analysis of the load profile and connected sources.


What are the advantages of Hybridization? 

(EHR + Generator)

The EHR can operate as a main power source, reducing emissions and noise to zero. Also,  it can be combined with a diesel or spark-ignited generator set to enable intelligent load management. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced drastically in these combined working scenarios.

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Mode of Use


The pre-configured working mode selector allows the user to configure the Battery  Power Generator for the different applications or modes of use: Plug & Play, Light Loading, Peak Shaving, UPS, and Load Sharing. 

The goal of these modes are to optimize energy production by increasing efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability, while at the same time reducing total emissions.

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