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Discover our new EHR | Battery Power Generator

HIPOWER SYSTEMS EHR | BATTERY POWER GENERATOR is an energy storage and distribution system, which can operate independently, guaranteeing zero noise and emissions. Also, the EHR can be integrated into a hybrid power generation system using diesel or spark-ignited generators or connected to the grid and photovoltaic modules.  The main goal of the EHR is to guarantee a higher energy efficiency and optimize emissions and noise.


It's the HIPOWER-designed management system that lets operators select the most favorable power source for a specific load condition at any given time. It can be integrated with diesel and spark-ignited generator sets or connected to public electricity grids and renewable energy sources.


What are the advantages of Hybridization? 

(EHR + Generator)

The EHR can operate as a main power source, reducing emissions and noise to zero. Also,  it can be combined with a diesel or spark-ignited generator set to enable intelligent load management. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced drastically in these combined working scenarios.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS has officially launched new models to the Heavy Duty Industrial Natural Gas (HNI) Series.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS has launched new models to the Heavy Duty Industrial Natural Gas (HNI) Series. The HNI-80, HNI-100, HNI-125 and HNI-150 are the new models released. The natural gas ratings are 80 kW, 100 kW, 125 kW, and 150 kW respectively. The HNI series are specifically designed for use with data management, healthcare, construction, or any other critical installation that requires a standby generator. 

Discover Our New HNI Power Nodes!

Available in voltages ranging from 240/120 1PH to 600/347 3PH, the HNI Series can support any low voltage stationary application.

HRNG Spark-Ignited | Prime Power Series

HRNG-700 | HRNG-900 |HRNG-1250

HIPOWER SYSTEMS SPARK-IGNITED PRIME POWER generators are an efficient, reliable and versatile source of electrical power that have been designed to operate in the most extreme working conditions. They are built combining an innovative design and the use of high quality materials that provide the user with the most dependable power that can be relied on for non-stop power with easy to operate controls.The HRNG-700, HRNG-900, and HRNG-1250 are powered by a radiator-cooled, industrial PSI Spark-Ignited engines that meet current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exhaust emission regulations, and drive a single bearing, four-pole, three-phase alternator, with IP23 protection. The Prime Power kVA rating is given with a 120 degree°C alternator winding temperature rise.

HIPOWER's relentless commitment to manufacturing and delivering the highest quality generators ensure our clients can maximize their 
up-time and productivity.  Our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kansas, provide us the means to develop new technologies ensuring  a Built-to-Last product lines.

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