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Electrical power interruptions of any length create difficulties for business concerns, industrial operations, and people. In some situations, an interruption of even a few minutes can put lives at risk. As weather-related events and power-grid overloads and failures become more common, the world is turning to standby generators to ensure power continuity. In the U.S. and Canada, no generator manufacturer is better equipped for-- or more conscientiously focused on-- serving the entire standby generator market than HIPOWER SYSTEMS.

From standalone natural gas generators to grade diesel models that ensure vital power continuity for data centers and hospitals, our generators offer unsurpassed quality, innovative engineering, superior efficiency, and performance. Equally important, our state-of-the-art, sound-attenuated enclosures protect sensitive equipment from the elements and provide sound dampening unequalled in the industry.

Standby Industries


Keep the home lights burning.


When unexpected closure isn't in the pain.


Uninterrupted power for any environment.


Because safe water isn't optional.


When minutes make a difference.


Ensuring continuity of communications.


The world depends on data.


Powering citizen health and safety.


Power continuity when lives are at risk.


When the unthinkable happens.

Diesel Generators 

An increasing number of extreme weather events, combined with the outdated, problematic power grid in the U.S. and Canada, is accelerating demand for UL2200 certified HIPOWER SYSTEMS' backup generators. 

If your business relies heavily on electricity, whether you have equipment running round-the-clock or you have daily production processes that require heavy use of electrical power, it's important to have a backup power supply. For these purposes, we recommend our UL 2200 certified Heavy-Duty Industrial Diesel Standby generator series. HIPOWER SYSTEMS knows all about the need for backup power. Having been in the business of providing high-quality generators for more than two decades, we make sure that our backup power generators are built to suit each client's specific power generation needs.

For industrial use, our heavy-duty power generators are designed to supply power for running several heavy-duty equipment at the same time. What this means for our clients is that production and operations won't be interrupted when the power suddenly goes out.

Safeguard Series

Powered by YANMAR. 20 kW

Powered by YANMAR. 30 kW

Powered by YANMAR. 40 kW

Powered by FPT-IVECO. 60 kW

Heavy Duty Industrial Series

Powered by FPT-IVECO. 60 kW

HDI 100 F M6U
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 100 kW

HDI 160 F M6U
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 160 kW

HDI 230 F
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 230 kW

HDI 60 F T6U
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 60 kW

HDI 100 F T6U
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 100 kW

HDI 160 F T6U
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 160 kW

HDI 250 F
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 250 kW

HDI 80 F M6U
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 80 kW

HDI 130 F M6U
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 130 kW

HDI 180 F
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 180 kW

HDI 300 F
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 300 kW

HDI 80 F T6U
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 80 kW

HDI 130 F T6U
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 130 kW

HDI 200 F
Powered by FPT-IVECO. 200 kW

Powered by FPT-IVECO. 350 kW

HDI 400 V
Powered by VOLVO. 400 kW

HDI 515 V
Powered by VOLVO. 515 kW

HDI 600 V
Powered by VOLVO. 600 kW

HTW 1600
Powered by MITSUBISHI. 1600 kW

HTW 2000
Powered by MITSUBISHI. 2000 kW

HSY Residential & Small Business Series

discover our new product LINE for residential and small business

the hs stationary - hsy

Preserve your quality of life and/or business profitability during a power outage.

When the power supply is disrupted, our lives and businesses can come to a sudden stop. Whether you are protecting your home or your business, an automatic standby generator protects you from power failures, restoring power within seconds of an outage, so you can have peace of mind and the power you need.

Preserve your power and peace of mind with our NEW HS STATIONARY HSY DIESEL PRODUCTS LINE!


Our HSY-10 & HSY-15, provide the user with the most dependable power, easy to operate controls and equipped with advanced technology the enables system monitoring 24/7, easy installation, maintenance, and service. 


Powered by a radiator-cooled, industrial YANMAR Diesel engine, which meets current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) TIER 4 Interim exhaust emission regulations, non-UL/CPA, driving a single bearing, four-pole, three-phase alternator, with IP23 protection. The Standby kVA rating for generator set is given with a 125 °C alternator winding temperature rise.

HS STATIONARY- HSY PRODUCT LINE is versatile, adaptable and, an affordable optional standby diesel generator, which was designed for you residential and light commercial power needs in mind. 


HSY 10
Powered by YANMAR. 10 kW

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HSY 15
Powered by YANMAR. 15 kW

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Spark Ignited Generators 

As regulations tighten and fuel prices drop, gas generators are becoming an environmental and economic requisite for many companies. For oil and gas operators's under pressure to reduce flaring, the benefits can be even greater. HIPOWER SYSTEM'S award-winning gas generator line leads the field in reliability, performance and durability. Our wide assortment of generator and enclosure features and options enables these models to meet every possible application and need.

Points of Interest for these models

• 63-1000 KW
•  State of the art controllers

• Ford and PSI Engines

• Dual-Fuel Capabilities
• Extended list of options available

• Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration

Generators Spark Ignited / HNSG Powered by FORD

RANGE:   63 kW  

Generators Spark Ignited /HNI Powered by PSI

RANGE: HNI - 650, 800 and 1000 kW



Reliable, efficient engines are the heart of our generators. HIPOWER works only with engine manufacturers with an excellent reputation for safety, dependability and longevity under a wide range of environmental conditions.


Our generators feature hi-tech monitoring and control systems including automated, remote startup and telematics for remote troubleshooting. Well-placed power distributions panels include Camlock connectors and receptacles.


Find all your power generation and distribution needs under one roof. From color-coded power cables to industrial distribution panels, power transformers and generator connection cabinets plus spare parts, we have it all.

At HIPOWER, we make it easy.  

Contact us today and experience the HIPOWER difference.