Portable Power Distribution

Every piece of power distribution equipment and cabling we offer combines innovation and excellence with enhanced features to provide superior power efficiency and versatility.

Industrial Transformers

Whether you need to step-down, step-up or isolate an incoming power feed, our portable, NEMA 3R, dry-type transformers withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Available from 15-30 kVa, they incorporate ruggedized, stainless steel protective cages and are delivered on a rolling dolly (15 kVa dolly-type) or forklift-ready, rolling skids (all other models). Other sizes available upon request.

50 - 200A Industrial Panels

These UL1640 and CSA 22.14 listed panels range from 50-200A, including one of the industry's only 10-position panels. Fully corrosion-resistant, our aluminum power panels can be custom-configured with a variety of breakers and connections. Most incorporate stainless steel cages that protect but do not interfere with ease of use. Other sizes available upon request.

I-line Panels

Our portable, UL1640 and CSA 22.14 listed I-line panels solve many of the challenges facing power customers today. All feature corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosures and stainless steel or carbon steel protective cages. A versatile breaker engagement system is capable of feeding large or small motor loads, and panels accommodate breakers from 15-1200A, all of which can be safely removed.

Our power distribution products are found in industrial applications; chemical plants, refineries, power plants, telecommunications, shipyards, food processing facilities; other emergency services such as entertainment, conventions, restoration, construction, agriculture, military living quarters and/or man camps. 

Value without compromise

Extensive experience providing power solutions on a global scale has enabled us to master the complexities of power distribution technology. At every turn, we gather innovative ideas, identify premium components and make advanced engineering decisions to provide our customers with best-in-class performance and durability under the most demanding conditions.

The breadth of our offering makes us a one-stop resource for power distribution panels, all of which are compliant with or certified to the highest industry standards including UL, CSA, NEMA, NEC, OSHA, ASTM, MSHA, ROHS, ICEA and IEC, as applicable. From alternative energy to petroleum and mining; aerospace and military to telecommunications and transit, HIPOWER SYSTEMS power distribution equipment offers unparalleled quality and ingenuity, around the clock.


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